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Casinos Interactive Experiences

Casinos Interactive ExperiencesIn a major gambling conference that took place this week, participants predicted that a big part of the future for casinos in the United States and around the world will be getting new customers involved in more interactive experiences.

Casino executives, digital experts and payment processors at the conference in Atlantic City agreed casinos need to offer new experiences that directly involve the next generation. This involves new, non-traditional products such as competitive video game contests, skill-based slots, and daily fantasy sports and sports betting in states that allow it.

These would allow casinos to bring in new customers and revenue, the executives and experts said.

”I think all casinos, 10 years from now, will evolve and offer some sort of interactive experiences,” said Seth Schorr, chairman of the Downtown Grand casino in Las Vegas.

His casino has gone in big for eSports, the new name for competitive video game contests.

”Young people now consider video games a sport,” he said. ”It’s shocking; it took me a long time to get my head around that. I’m a 40-year-old casino owner who believes in the future of our industry. If I’m not going to take a risk for the future, who is?”

Internet gambling is only offered in three states: New Jersey, by far the largest market; Nevada and Delaware. But other states are considering adding it. On Wednesday, Pennsylvania lawmakers moved a step closer to legalizing online gambling.

A prime opportunity for growth is the expansion of payment processing options for online gambling, said Joe Pappano, senior vice president of the payment processing company Vantiv Entertainment Solutions. Three years ago, when New Jersey offered the first internet bets, credit cards were used for only about 40 percent of transactions involving internet gambling. That figure has now risen to more than 80 percent, he said.

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Casinos remain unsure whether daily fantasy sports and sports betting are potential friends or enemies, participants on a panel said.

States across the nation are grappling with how to regulate daily fantasy sports, in which players create a roster of real-life athletes who earn points based on their performances in games.

”Based on public statements from casino executives, there is a desire to see if daily fantasy sports can be added to the mix because of the millennials issue,” said Joseph Brennan, CEO of SportAD, a fantasy sports startup firm.

Brennan said casinos are perfect partners for daily fantasy sports companies because of the existing player databases and the casinos’ knowledge of their customers, their likes and gambling histories.

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A Guide to PGA Golf Betting

A Guide to PGA Golf BettingIf you are a sports fan you’ll find yourself familiarized with certain titles, LPGA Volvik Championship, BMW, Dean & Deluca and many more. The PGA Tour goes around the world bringing the best sporting action, and if you follow not only sports but throw some cash to increase the action this guide to PGA golf betting is for you.

Odds to Win

The odds to win or betting to win wager in Golf is the easiest and by far the most popular type of bet. The sports book oddsmaker will give the bettor money line odds on specific golfers to win a tournament or event, as well as odds on “the field”, which is an opportunity to wager on a collection of the golfers not given individual odds.


Odds for British Open:

Tiger Woods 1/1

Phil Mickelson 4/1

Fred Funk 14/1

David Duval 50/1

The Field (Any other golfer) 6/1

Albert doesn’t think any of the golfers listed will win the British Open. So, he makes a wager on “The Field” at 6/1 odds to win. For every $100 he bets, he’ll win $600 if a golfer from “The Field” wins the tournament.

Golfer Matchups

In a golfer matchup or head to head wager, the oddsmaker takes two golfers in a tournament or event and pairs them against each other. Sports books offer money line odds with one golfer being listed as the favorite and the other being listed as the underdog. In order to win a golfer matchup bet the golfer you select must finish the tournament or event ahead of the other golfer listed in the matchup.

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Chad Campbell -130

Boo Weekly +120

In the above golfer matchup Chad Campbell has been paired with Boo Weekly and Weekly has been listed as the underdog and Campbell as the favorite.

Jake loves Chad Campbell in this matchup over Boo Weekly. So, if Jake was to place a wager on Chad Campbell -130 he would need to risk $130 for every $100 he would like to win. If Chad Campbell finished at least one position higher than Weekly at the end of the tournament, Jake would win his golfer matchup bet.

Group Matchup Betting

The group matchup betting wager is similar to golfer matchup betting, but instead of just a single head to head matchup, the sports book oddsmaker creates a matchup pool consisting of three or more golfers. The bettor then wagers on which golfer out of the pool he or she believes will win. Group matchup bets offer a higher payout than standard golfer matchup bets because the golfer you select must finish higher than all other golfers in the pool.


Tiger Woods +100

Phil Mickelson +150

Jim Furyk +170

In the above example there are 3 golfers listed in the group matchup betting pool. If Michelle wanted to bet $100 on Jim Furyk to win this group, Furyk would need to finish ahead of both Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson. If Furyk was able to do that, Michelle would be paid $170 for her $100 bet.

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Break Out Of Sports Betting Slumps

Break Out Of Sports Betting SlumpsThe difference between a successful sports bettor and an amateur sports bettor is that the successful sports bettor is able to deal with adversity and understands how important it is to avoid chasing your losses. When a number of your picks go south and you find yourself on a bad run, it’s crucial to take a step back and analyze what is happening in order to correct it and get back on track. Anybody that has bet on sports for long enough has probably experienced an extended winning or losing streak at some point in time.

The worst thing you can do in sports betting is panic. It’s very easy to lose focus on what is happening when the losses start to pile up and the biggest mistake you can make is trying to make that money back in one shot. It’s critical to avoid dropping big bets in an effort to make a significant amount of money back at one time but that doesn’t stop so many casual bettors from doing it all of the time. Those bettors are usually focused on the idea of winning all of their losses back with one correct wager. What they tend to forget is that if they lose that wager they are even further in the hole and often by a very significant gap. If you find yourself on an extended losing streak then take a moment to step back and stabilize your losses before you push forward and try to get back on track.

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When you are on a losing streak one key piece of advice to remember is that it is extremely difficult to turn things around right away. The main thing you want to do is start making progress in the right direction with your sports wagers and figure out how to slowly start building up the wins. Everybody that bets on sports has a bankroll or a limit on how much they could afford to lose so while the key is to win you also want to remember that it’s all over if you go bust. In the case of an extended losing streak, you might want to shift your focus to staying alive rather than trying to win all of your losses back. If you have money to wager then you are in position to turn things around. However, once your bankroll goes bust it’s all over.

The best approach to turning around a losing streak might be to start slow and build your confidence back up while slowing chipping away at your losses. The closer you get to making back that money the more confident you will become and it will be easier to make the right decisions when there isn’t the burden of losses negatively impacting your overall focus. The best handicappers in the world understand the importance of not chasing your losses and they are able to take a step back in order to stop the negative momentum and get back on track so keep that in mind the next time you find yourself struggling when it comes to sports betting.

Stats and Odds on Boston vs. Rangers

Stats and Odds on Boston vs. RangersThe Boston Red Sox, who scored 23 runs in their past two games after threatening to fall below .500, have their ace facing the Texas Rangers in the second game of a three-game series Wednesday night.

“We’ve got Chris Sale going tomorrow, and that’s another boost for momentum to sustain it in our favor,” Boston manager John Farrell said Tuesday after the Red Sox’s 11-6 victory over the Rangers. “He’s been outstanding.

Texas had more hits than Boston (23-21) in the series opener, 13-12, but Boston pitchers didn’t issue a walk while Rangers pitchers gave away eight free passes.

The Rangers will hope for improved control from Perez (2-5, 3.71 ERA), though hasn’t fared well in four career outings against Boston, two of them at Fenway Park. However, he has, like Sale, pitched well in May.

Sale (4-2, 2.19 ERA) hasn’t lost since April 27, going 3-0 with a no-decision in four May starts, striking out 43 in 28 innings. He has run his streak of consecutive games striking out at least 10 batters to eight straight.

Chris Sale might be looking to become the first pitcher in modern history to record 10-plus strikeouts in nine consecutive games when the Boston Red Sox host the Texas Rangers on Wednesday.

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Elvis Andrus is 2-for-23 with 7 strikeouts in his career against Chris Sale.

The total has gone OVER in 9 of the Red Sox’ last 10 games.

The visiting team is 1-5 SU in the last 6 games between the Rangers and Red Sox.

Opposing Sale for the Rangers will be Martin Perez, who has been faring well in his most recent outings. The lefty has posted a 2.79 ERA with a 16/2 K/BB ratio through his three starts in the month of May. Getting after Perez early will be key for the Red Sox, as the 26-year-old has given up seven of his 21 earned runs against in the first inning.

Dustin Pedroia continued swinging the most consistent bat in the Red Sox lineup during the series opener Tuesday with the 11-year veteran going 2-for-4 with two RBIs. Pedroia has now gone 9-for-22 with four RBIs and no strikeouts during his current five-game hitting streak. The Rangers have been one of the better offenses in the MLB but their current lineup has struggled against Sale. This Texas squad has hit a collective .153 with 56 K’s to just 10 walks against the lefty.

Betting fans looking to pick the visiting Texas Rangers before the first pitch in this match found them as 255 moneyline underdogs earlier at online books. They also saw the over/under total of 8.5.

The Boston Red Sox sport a record of 23-21 heading into this matchup, while the Texas Rangers sit at 24-22 on the season.

At the plate, Boston owns the No. 6 ranking for hits at 9.2 per game. By contrast, the Texas Rangers are rated No. 25 in the same category at 7.93 per game.

Pitching and defensive stats are important baseball handicapping betting factors and Boston has the No. 12-ranked defense. In the other dugout, the Rangers own the No. 11 mark in runs allowed. Sign up at

Avoid Losing In Sports Betting

Avoid Losing In Sports BettingThere are abundant online resources that focus on what is needed to make a profit in sports betting, but just as important it is to focus on what should not be done.

Successful sports betting is as much about avoiding the unnecessary pitfalls as it is about picking winners and the smart sports bettor is always prepared.

Most bookmakers do make very respectable profits, and the simple truth is that the majority of people who bet on sports lose money overall. Some people would have you believe this is because the bookmakers make it impossible for their customers to win by making sure the odds are always in their favor but this is not really the case. Bookmakers certainly do have an advantage over their customers, but this advantage is not the reason why most sports bettors lose.

The fact is, most bettors actually lose money not because of the bookmakers’ edge, but due to reasons entirely within their control. They don’t manage their money properly; they place wagers for the wrong reasons; and they bet too often. These are all easy mistakes to make, but they are also completely avoidable.

Some sports bettors will argue that successful betting is all about analyzing statistics and trends. However, the reality is that if you aren’t watching enough games then you probably don’t realize how those stats and trends came to be. The key to successful sports betting is to watch as many games as possible. If you don’t watch enough NHL games and you’re doing NHL betting, it’s hard to be able to predict what will happen next.

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The majority of casual sports bettors will trust the so-called experts and by that we mean the analysts that they put on television. While the professional handicappers spend hours breaking down each game the television analysts don’t have anything at stake and they really don’t care if they provide you with a winner or loser. While it makes sense to consider their opinion remember that it never makes sense to blindly trust the experts when it comes to risking your money.

Injuries can have a major impact on team performance in extreme cases such as when a superstar player or a key performer like a quarterback in football is injured. However, the reality is that the majority of injuries are overstated when it comes to predicting outcomes in games. For example, if the Atlanta Falcons were to lose quarterback Matt Ryan to an injury then there is a good chance they will struggle to win since their entire offense and the strength of their team is based around his MVP ability. However, if the Falcons right guard is injured then it won’t have nearly as big of an impact as if their quarterback is hurt. It’s important to understand injuries and to what degree each one will impact the game. Sign up at

Odds of Winning Game 4 – Celtics

Odds of Winning Game 4 - CelticsThe Boston Celtics will try to build on a thrilling 111-108 victory over Cleveland in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference finals when they battle the Cavaliers in Game 4 on Tuesday, Now if you were wondering whether the shocking win over the Cavaliers would affect their odds of winning Game 4, it doesn’t seem that way, they come to game 4 as 15-point road underdogs at sportsbooks.

Things in fact are very similar to what they were prior to game 3, Boston needed a buzzer-beating three-pointer from Avery Bradley to seal Sunday’s win as a massive 16-point road underdog, ending a three-game straight-up losing streak in Cleveland, but continues to trail 2-1 in the series. The Celtics’ scrappy win in Game 3 comes in stark contrast to the club’s lopsided losses in the first two games of the series. Boston dropped a 117-104 decision as a four-point home underdog in Game 1 before getting embarrassed in a 130-86 defeat two nights later as a five-point home underdog.

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Now the Celtics continue to trail badly on the series prices, sitting as +1600 underdogs to knock off the defending champions and advance to the NBA Finals for the first time since 2010. Boston has produced mixed results on the road since midseason, going 10-10 SU in its past 20 overall. However, the Celtics are a respectable 7-3 against the spread in their past 10 games away from TD Garden and have claimed outright victories in their past two games when pegged as road underdogs of seven or more points.

With their loss to Boston in Game 3, the Cavaliers saw a 13-game SU win streak during the playoffs come to a close. However, Cleveland continues to soar on the NBA series prices, where they are pegged as -10000 chalk to reach the NBA Finals for a third straight year.

The Celtics are 3-11 SU in their last 14 games against the Cavaliers.

The Cavaliers are 2-5 ATS in their last seven games at home.

The Celtics are 6-2 ATS in their last eight games after a win.

With star point guard Isaiah Thomas out for the season due to a hip injury, the Celtics shocked the world in the form of a 111-108 victory while covering as ridiculous 16-point dogs. Thomas’ backcourt mate Avery Bradley delivered a game-winning 3-pointer with 0.1 seconds left to cap a comeback from a 21-point third-quarter deficit.

The good news for Cavs bettors is their penchant for rebounding at home. In Cleveland’s last 20 home games after losing the most recent tilt in front of their hometown fans, the Cavaliers are 18-2 SU.

Those looking to pick the visitors as their prediction to cover in this one found the Boston Celtics listed as 15-point underdogs. Meanwhile, the OVER/UNDER total betting line for this game was set at 216 but may have moved since the betting odds opened. Sign up at


Opening Series Betting Odds

Opening Series Betting OddsThis Monday San Francisco Giants will open a four-game series against Chicago Cubs who will be going for their fifth win in the last six games. Manager Joe Maddon doesn’t seem to be satisfied despite the recent success of his team and will be looking for an error-free performance, which is 22-20 on the season and 11-10 at Wrigley Field.

“We’ve done better on this homestand, but we’re still not playing our best baseball,” Maddon said. “If we’re not fundamentally where we need to be, that’s where my focus is. More than anything, I want to see us play that championship-caliber defense. That’s what’s going to get us back there.”

San Francisco (19-26) knows a thing or two about championships, but this season has not gone according to plan. On the bright side, the Giants have won seven of their past nine games as they head north from St. Louis to meet the Cubs. On the other hand, they have gone 1-9 in their past 10 visits. The truth is that they are nowhere near the top three in the NL West.

Rating these teams in several key categories is important for handicappers and Chicago has baseball’s No. 4-rated offensive output, at 8.55 hits per game. The San Francisco Giants average 7.96 hits per game, good for No. 25 on the list.

Pitching and defensive stats are important baseball handicapping betting factors and Chicago has the No. 19-ranked defense. In the other dugout, the Giants own the No. 21 mark in runs allowed.

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Eduardo Nunez is batting .363 with 9 RBIs during his current 8-game hitting streak.

The total has gone OVER in the Cubs’ last 5 games.

The Giants are 7-2 SU in their last 9 games against teams with winning records.

Ty Blach will make his sixth start of the season, as the lefty has bounced between the starting rotation and the bullpen all year. Blach has posted a respectable 4.03 ERA in his previous five starts and has only given up three runs across his past two outings, in which he pitched 7.0 innings both times. The 26-year-old does tend to pitch better without pressure, as he has held opponents to a .197 batting average with the bases empty compared to .302 with a man on.

Despite being in his 14th MLB season at the ripe age of 38, John Lackey continues to be a workhorse for the Cubs. Lackey has pitched at least 6.0 innings in six of his eight starts this season and has surrendered three or fewer runs on five occasions. The right-hander has excelled in his career against the current members of the Giants with the lineup hitting a collective .200 against him.

The Chicago Cubs bring a 22-20 record to the battle against the 19-26 Giants.

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Monaco Grand Prix Betting Odds

Monac Grand Prix Betting OddsIt is not very long now until the Monaco Grand Prix, wherever there is an interest in a sporting event there are always going to be betting companies offering odds on the likely winners of those events, and no shortage of fans of the sport eager to put their money down on who they think will win!

One thing that has been very noticeable on many of the previous Monaco Grand Prix winners is that before the race started the team that did go on to win as the favorite in the betting markets, and if you were blissfully unaware you can place all manner of weird and wonderful bets on this sporting event

However, the most common bet of all on any Grand Prix simply involves a sports bettor picking out which team they think will win, and if that team does win then that sports bettor wins too. If you are an avid sports bettor and Grand Prix racing is something you do have an interest in then allow us to give you an idea of where the money is currently going in regards to the odds available on each team taking part in the annual Monaco Grand Prix.

It seems to be two teams that seem more like to become winner of this event, if you go by the odds available that is, and those two teams are Mercedes who are currently the odds on favorite to win at odds of 4/6 and also Ferrari who have slightly higher odds available of 5/4.

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The third favorite team and the one that apart from the above two teams is getting the most money bet on, are Red Bull . Whether you are a fan of the drink or their F1 team in all fairness they do have a fair and reasonable chance of winning this event, and if you think so you can find odds available currently of 8/1 for them to win.

As soon as you start looking at any other teams in the Monaco Grand Prix other than the three we have already introduced you to you will find their respective odds of winning are huge and as such it is unlikely any of the following teams will win.

However, if you do think one of the outsiders will win, then we would never put you off betting on them! Force India are currently available in the betting markets of odds around 125/1 and who would have thought, a few years ago that McLaren would be on offer to win this event at odds of 200/1 well that is exactly what they are!

Huge odds are available on Toro Rosso and those odds are 250/1 and both Renault and Williams are available at odds of around the 300/1 ark. For those of you who are never afraid of the odds then you may consider betting on Haas to win at odds of 400/1, or the total outsider who surely cannot win is Sauber at odds of 1000/1! Here you go, now the choice is yours, sign up at

Upcoming Boxing Bouts Attract Huge Bets

Upcoming Boxing Bouts Attract Huge BetsSports betting moves fast, with football season, NBA playoffs and other major sporting events but when those are not on there are always boxing matches being held all over the world at one time or another however it is true to say that some bouts and individual boxers, are always going to attract some huge bets and wagers.

With that in mind today we are taking a look at some up and coming bouts that have attracted a lot of money in the betting markets, whilst some of the following bouts are scheduled to start soon some of them are a fair way off.

However, with the advent of online betting and mobile betting coupled with the fact that most Sportsbooks now offer odds well in advance of any boxing match starting, if you do like the chances and odds on any boxer then now may be the time to place those bets and try and secure the very best odds currently available.

If you have never placed a bet on a boxing match before, then you do need to be aware that the odds are likely to vary depending on where you choose to place your wagers, and it can often pay dividends for sports bettors to actively shop around and compare the odds available at several different Sportsbooks and/or betting sites to get the best odds on offer.

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One the 20th of May 2017 the bout between Russell Junior and Escandon takes place and the former is available at odds of 1/100, for the match to end in a draw you can get odds of 33/1 and the underdog is Escandon at odds of 14/1.

On the same day is the match between Davis and Walsh with Davis being the odds on favorite to own at odds of 1/4 whilst you can get odds of 20/1 on the draw and odds of 11/4 on Davis.

The next day on the 21st of May 2017 the long awaited bout between Crawford and Diaz takes place the odds of Crawford are tiny and very unappealing at 1/16, a tie is on offer at 25/1 but if you do fancy Diaz to win you can get odds of 8/1

There are four boxing matches on the 27th of May 2017 and the boxers paired up to take their chances against one another and their respective odds are, Allen to win 1/3, the draw 28/1 and Thomas to win 9/4Groves to win 2/9, the draw 28/1 and Chudinov to win 3/1, Brook to win 5/4, the draw 20/1 and Spence Junior to win 8/13 Helenius to win 11/8, the draw 22/1 and Chisora to win 4/7

On bout that is quite a way off but one that you may be interested placing a very early wager on is the Golovkin v Alvarez bout that is taking place on the 16th of September 2017, the odds on Golovkin winning are 8/15, the draw is 20/1 and the odds on Alvarez winning are currently not that huge but may be worth taking at 6/4. Join and get action on the biggest selection of sporting leagues in the market.

How to Stay Away From Bookies’ Limits

How to Stay Away From Bookies’ LimitsIn case you are not yet familiar with the sports arbitrage, the first thing we need to point out is that this is not a type of gambling. In gambling, there’s always a chance to lose. That’s not the case with sports arbitrage, which is the only certain way for making money on betting.

How it works is that you find matches in which you will get profit when covering all outcomes. Of course, this happens only when there’s a big difference in odds of different bookies. This doesn’t happen too often, and even when it does the percentage you will win is not huge. Usually, it’s about 1% of the invested money, which is the number one reason why people stay away from arbitrage and decide to try their luck in real betting.

Another reason why people get disappointed with sports arbitrage is that certain bookies limit them very soon. Because sports arbitrage basically means taking the money away from the bookies, most of them are very strict about it. As soon they notice you are making sure bets, they will either suspend your account or set harsh limits on your bets.

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If you’ve bought a subscription at some of the programs that browse the odds to find perfect games for sports arbitrage, you have probably noticed that most of the so-called arbs involve a bookie. The winning percentage of those arbs is usually very high, meaning that you could make nice money easily.

But, this sounds too good to be true because it is not true. These bookies have special programs that monitor the bets of all of their users, so if you bet on something suspicious, your bets are bound to get limited. And we’re not talking about limits of a couple hundred of dollars per bet. No, when they limit you, they go all the way, setting the limit on your single bets to $1 maximum.

Unfortunately, it is not only one bookie that doesn’t like arbers. In fact, there is a much bigger percentage of the sportsbooks that prohibit, than those that allow arbing. Still, this doesn’t mean there are none of arbers-friendly bookies out there.

Arbing-Friendly Bookmakers

If you are looking to enter the world of sports arbitrage, you need to look for bookmakers that have nothing against arbers! There are some out there, however, often the problem is that they rarely give odds that could be used for sports arbitrage.

Instead, it’s better to focus on bookies that give odds that often show up in Rebel or a similar spots arbitrage software. Of course, those sportsbooks also need to be friendly to arbers, that is, not to suspend them too easily.

If you are going to give arbitrage a shot after all, be very careful and begin betting or trading small. Lessons can come cheap. Keep your capital safe for when you are more experienced. In the mean time sign up at and keep building your bankroll.


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