Bad Bets Do Happen

Bad Bets Do HappenSo we’ve come to game 5 but prior to the NBA Finals, books did their part setting odds on a number of props, everything from the length of the series to the MVP to the most three-pointers. With potentially just one game left in the 2017 season and the Warriors on the verge of something truly historic you may not have much time to place bets on a wide selection of prop bets but it is never too late to make some smart bets.

Bad bets happen. Don’t trust anyone who tells you otherwise. With all the experience and attention, some slip through the cracks even with the best bettors out there. We must accept the fact that we made one, mark the situation down and learn from it to prevent it in the future, or at least minimize the occurrence.

But what is a bad bet, if I may ask you? Most of the recreational bettors answer this question with a wrong answer. No, it is not a bet that you have lost a significant stake on, and it’s not one which outcome was far from your projection. Bad bets can earn you money. Not too often, but with his variability of results and event, you may find yourself fortunate here and there and profit on a bad bet. It doesn’t make it less bad, just like a losing outcome doesn’t turn a good wager into a bad one. This is what many casual players can’t comprehend. Any winning wager should be a good one and vice versa. This thinking leads to definite red numbers over the longer period, unless everything you touch turns to gold. If you are not already aware, mark it down.

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A bad bet is a one that holds a negative value under a certain set of circumstances.

You might find this definition too broad, so let’s use some examples. You open up your bookie’s offer and spot a +4 Cleveland Cavaliers in Detroit and you think this is such a nice price and bet on it. After placing the wager, you check the Twitter and find out that LeBron James won’t be playing. Right there, there’s a bad bet.

You haven’t checked all the circumstances and ended up with a bet you probably wouldn’t make if you had known all the facts. Cavs could win the game or cover, but it’s still a bad bet. Or, your team led by 20 after three-quarters but you lose a money line bet on a historical comeback by another team. In frustration, you immediately punt against the team that lucked out (or on your team), but the price ends up 15 points better by closing of the market. Bad bet. The market move indicates that the value was clearly on the other side and you allowed your emotion to get better than you and chose the wrong team. There are numerous ways how you can make bad bets, ranging from terrible one to null-value bets, and they all have that negative value in common. Avoid taking bad bets as much as possible and you’ll see an increase in your accounts. Sign up at