Arsenal Today`s News

The days of head coach Arsene Wenger are almost done. Fans are very disappointed about the performance of the last seasons, about the proudness of their executives and about the attitude of some players who doesn’t care or know how to win a tournament on this days. Everybody is asking for Diego Simeone to replace the old man whose agreement will expire on season 2019 however, the argentinean just renewed with Atletico de Madrid until 2019/2020 season and his success is from placing the team to the top of the tournaments by practicing a very interesting and basic system of play in comparison to Arsene Wenger’s management who is always very complex.

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Remember that Atletico de Madrid qualified to  UEFA Champions League finals in two times and won La Liga title since Simeone`s took the bench. Wenger has followed 17 tournaments with Arsenal in a career of 17 seasons. On 2017, they won the Community Shield and the last time they won a Premier League was on 2003-3004. Fans are asking for a young head coach with good intentions of winning a major tournament as UEFA Champion League or at least Europa League. Arsenal on 17 seasons has not enjoyed of any international tournament and for a traditional team from England it`s very bad.

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In other news, Alexis Sanchez the main star almost got tempted by other european teams and if he was the responsible of this decision will say yes  since looks tired of all the heavy environment surrounded Arsenal. Mezut Ozil is probably thinking the same with the only difference that he is always behind Sanchez, like hiding something. On the last european summer market, Wenger tried to sign Thomas Lemar and failed big time. As per the player, he is cool and calm at Monaco FC.