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Cincinnati Bengals at Indianapolis Colts

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in their final matches in the preseason, the Cincinnati Bengals meet the Indianapolis Colts at Lucas Oil Stadium in the National Football League.

The match is on September 3, 2015 at 7:00 PM ET.

The matchup will mark the 24th all-time meeting between the teams in the preseason, with the Bengals holding a 15-8 advantage. It will mark the 15th consecutive season that the two teams have squared off in the preseason.

Because this is Week 4 of the preseason, we rarely see teams play their starters in this game, so don’t expect to see guys like Andy DaltonAndrew LuckA.J. GreenT.Y. HiltonGeno Atkins, or Vontae Davis play. Losing any of the aforementioned guys to a silly injury this week would be devastating with the regular season opening next week.

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That doesn’t mean, however, that this game is of no important. Every NFL team must have their final 53-man rosters set by 4 p.m. EST on Saturday. Because this game is played Thursday night, that gives coaches and front-office personnel a full day to evaluate this game and use it to help determine which guys should make up those final 10-12 spots on each roster.

Cincinnati had a fairly decent preseason and even if they lose their final game against the Colts, they will end up with a .500 record. However, already at 2-1, expect them to try and end their exhibition games on a high.

Meanwhile, the Colts are 1-2 and are also trying to get a big win at home to give the crowd a lot to cheer for heading into the regular season.

The Bengals were victorious in the previous game week as they faced the Chicago Bears. AJ McCarron had an excellent game as he went for 12-17 for 149 yards and completed one touchdown.

Meanwhile, the Colts picked up their first win of the preseason when they beat the St. Louis Rams 24-14. Prior to the win, the Colts lost to the Bears and the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Colts went on an early lead, going up 10-0 after the first quarter but found themselves behind 14-13 at the end of three periods.

They were able to recollect themselves and score 11 points in the final frame, with their defence holding up and preventing the Rams to score as they went on to win.

Tyler Varga had six rushes for 16 yards and also converted one touchdown.


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Betting On Horse Racing Basic Terminology

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Horse racing has its own language is a language that covers all aspects of racing. Here is some the basic horse racing lingo


Across the Board – A win, place and show bet on the same horse.

Box – An exotic bet where all possible combinations are covered for a group of two or more horses.

Exotic Wagers – Any wager other than straight win, place and show bets.

Key Horse – The primary horse used in exotic bets. Horses may be keyed to win, place, or show.

Pool – The total of all money bet on a specific wager type.

Probable Payoffs – The current exotic wager payoffs, from all possible winning horse combinations, from active betting pools.

Wheel – The selection of one horse in conjunction with betting every possible combination with that horse in an exotic wager.

Will Pays – The actual payoffs of exotic multiple race wagers (Daily Double, Pick 3, and Pick 4), shown before the final race, of all possible winning horse number combinations.


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Types of Horse Races

Allowance – A non-claiming race with special entry conditions.

Claiming – A race in which the horses are for sale at a predetermined price. Horses are claimed prior to the running of the race, but the new owner does not assume control of the horse until after the race has been run.

Derby – A stakes for three-year old horses.

Distaff – A race for female horses.

Handicap – A race, usually a stakes race, where horses are assigned weights to be carried based on the conditions of the race.

Maiden – A race for non-winners.

Marathon – A race at a distance of 1-1/4 mile or longer.

Oaks – A stakes race for three-year old fillies.

Route – A race at a distance of one mile or longer.

Sprint – A race at a distance less than one mile.

Stakes – A high-level race contested by horses of high quality.


Thoroughbred Classifications

Broodmare – Female horses used for breeding.

Broodmare Sire – A sire whose female offspring became producers of racehorses.

Colt – A non-gelded male horse less than five years of age.

Dam – The mother of a horse.

Filly – A female horse less than five years of age.

Foal – A baby horse. A horse is a foal from the time it is born until January 1 of the next calendar year.

Gelding – A castrated male horse.

Horse – A non-gelded male horse five years of age or older.

Juvenile – a two-year old horse.

Maiden – A horse that is yet to win a race.

Mare – A female horse five years of age or older.

Sire – The father of a horse.

Stallion – Any non-gelded male horse.

Stud – A male horse used for breeding.

Yearling – A one-year old horse.


Track Conditions

Fast – A dirt track that is dry, even, resilient and fast.

Wet Fast – A track with a firm base, but a wet surface, due to recent rain.

Good – A track condition between fast and slow. There is generally a significant amount of water in a good track.

Muddy – A racetrack that is wet to the base, but does not have standing water.

Off Track – Any track that is not fast.

Sloppy – A track that is wet on the surface, with standing water, but that has a firm base.

Slow – A slow track is wet on both the surface and base.


Miscellaneous Horse Racing Terms

Apprentice Jockey – A jockey who has ridden for less than a year and who receives weight allowances.

Beyer Speed Figure (Beyer Speed Rating) – A measure of performance popularized by horseracing author Andrew Beyer.

Blinkers – Hood worn by a horse to help maintain focus straight ahead.

Bounce – A poor performance by a horse following an exceptionally good performance.

Bug – A weight allowance given to an apprentice rider.

Bullet – The fastest workout of the day at a particular distance.

Call to Post – The bugle call used to signal the horses onto the racetrack.

Chalk – Betting favorite in the race.

Checked – The act of a horse being pulled up briefly by its jockey to avoid trouble.

Closer – A horse that does its best running in the later stage of a race.

Dead Heat – The act of two horses having a tie. Dead heats can occur for any placing in a race.

Entry – Two or more horses representing one betting interest.

Field – The horses in a race.

Fraction – The split time and distance of a race. Fractions are normally clocked in ¼ mile intervals.

Furlong – 220 yards, or 1/8 of a mile.

Hand – Four inches. A horse’s height is measured in hands and inches from the top of the shoulder to the ground.

Handicapping – The art/science of analyzing information found in the past performances for the purpose of determining the relative ability of horses in a race.

Handle – Total money wagered.

Lasix – The brand name of the drug Furosemide, which is used to prevent pulmonary bleeding.

Length – A measurement approximating the length of a horse from nose to tail, about 8 feet, used to denote distance between horses in a race.

Morning Line – A prediction of the odds for each horse set by the track handicapper prior to the opening of wagering.

Mutuel Window – The place, on track, where bettors place their wagers.

Odds On – Odds of less than even money.

Pacesetter – The horse that is running in front during a race.

Paddock – The structure or area where horses are saddled and kept prior to entering the track.

Pari-mutuel – A system of wagering where all of the money is pooled and then returned to the bettors after a deduction (takeout).

Post Position – The position in the starting gate where a horse begins the race.

Purse – Money paid to the top 5 finishers in a race.

Scratch – The removal of a horse from a race at any point prior to the start.

Silks – The jacket and cap worn by the jockey.

Simulcast – A simultaneous live television transmission of a race to other tracks, off-track betting offices, or other betting outlets.

Stalker – A horse that runs just behind the leaders.

Stewards – The officials responsible for overseeing the racing at a track, ensuring fairness, enforcing the rules of racing, and dispensing punishment for rules infractions.

Valet – An assistant who helps keep a jockeys wardrobe (silks) and equipment in order.

Weight – The impost that a horse is required to carry in a race. The assigned weight includes the jockey, equipment and supplemental weighting as required.

Winners Circle – An enclosure near the track where the winning horse and jockey go to have their picture taken with the horse’s owner and trainer.

Wire – The finish line.

Workout – An exercise run, usually conducted in the morning.


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New York Yankees at Boston Red Sox

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( As they look to keep fighting in the AL East chase, the visiting Yankees are hoping Masahiro Tanaka can continue to pitch well Wednesday against the Boston Red Sox.

After missing three games at Atlanta and Monday’s 4-3 loss at Fenway Park, Teixeira was sent back to New York for further tests on his injured shin. The results weren’t positive as the first baseman will miss at least two weeks with a significant bone bruise.

Rick Porcello pitched great, which is what mattered most to the Boston Red Sox.

The New York Yankees won, which is what mattered most to the New York American League Baseball Club.

Porcello struck out a career-high 13 batters and walked just one in eight innings, but a two-run double by Stephen Drew in the fifth and a home run by Brett Gardner that wrapped around the Pesky Pole in the eighth was enough to give the Yankees a 3-1 win over the Red Sox before 35,077 in Fenway Park.

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Drew’s two-out double followed an error by rookie first baseman Travis Shaw, who allowed Didi Gregorius’ grounder to skip under his glove with Alex Rodriguez on first with a single. Drew hit a 2-and-0 pitch from Porcello, his first 2-and-0 count of the night.

Gardner’s home run also came with two out.

The Sox scored their only run on a double by Jackie Bradley Jr. and a two-out, opposite-field single by Pablo Sandoval in the third off Yankees starter Michael Pineda. Pineda gave up four hits, did not walk a batter and struck out seven in six innings.

The Sox threatened in the eighth against Yankees setup man Dellin Betances on singles by Mookie Betts and Xander Bogaerts, but with David Ortiz at the plate and two out, Betts was called out for oversliding third base on an attempted double steal.

The call was reviewed by replay officials in New York, who issued the following ruling:

“After viewing all relevant angles, the Replay Official definitively determined that the runner lost contact with third base while the fielder was applying the tag. Additionally, the umpires on the field determined that the fielder did not push the runner off the base, a decision that is not reviewable. The call is CONFIRMED. The runner is out.”

Ortiz struck out on the next pitch to end the inning, and former Sox left-hander Andrew Miller struck out three batters in the ninth to register his 29th save. Miller has 73 strikeouts in just 47 1/3 innings.

The most recent Red Sox pitcher to whiff 13 or more or more while walking one or fewer was Jon Lester, on July 24, 2010, when he K’d 13 and walked one in a 5-1 loss. The last Sox pitcher to do so at Fenway: Curt Schilling, when he walked one and struck out 14 in eight scoreless innings in a 3-2 Red Sox win.

Nine of Porcello’s 13 strikeouts came on a called third strike.

What it means: The Toronto Blue Jays were up 1.5 games on the Yankees coming into Tuesday in the American League East and were tied with the Cleveland Indians as of this writing. If Toronto wins, the two teams will stay dead-locked in the division. A loss brings the Yankees to within a half-game.

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How To Begging Betting On Horse Racing

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Horse racing is a fabulous sport and one enjoyed by millions of people all over the world. Racing takes place almost every day of the year in one country or another and many race meetings attract big crowds and betting on horse racing makes watching it an even better experience

If you’re a beginner to horse racing there is much you will need to learn. Horseracing has a rhythm, intensity and language like no other sport.

One of the first things you need to do,if you are heading to the track for the first time you will need a program and a racing form. These are available for purchase at the track. If you plan to play the races from home, you will want to purchase an online racing form. The Official Daily Program contains important information about the day’s races including the horses, their morning line odds, the jockey that will ride the horse, race distances and much, much more.

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The best place to look at horses is the Paddock. The paddock is where the horses get saddled prior to the race. After the horses are saddled, they are walked around a ring. This is where you can observe how “your” horse looks. Examine the horse to verify that it is alert yet relaxed, loose and light on its feet, not sweating excessively, has a shiny coat and generally looks ready to run.

Horse betting is actually a competition with the people around you. This is why it is possible to win at the races! When you are competing against other people – the public – it is wise to invest the time necessary to beat them. Playing against the other horse betting gamblers as with horse racing is referred to as pari-mutuel wagering. The money that is wagered is pooled, with a separate pool being kept for each type of wager. If you win your bet you get part of the pool. How much depends on how many other people win with you. The good thing is that somebody always wins.

What to Say to the Teller When You Place Your Bet

There is a basic protocol to follow when you go to the betting window to place a bet. Here is what to say at the betting window:

  • Racetrack and race number (only if you’re betting on a race at a different racetrack than the one you’re at)
  • Amount of your bet
  • Type of bet you’re placing
  • Horse’s program number

You can bet on any race being run at the track at any time before it is run. Tracks also simulcast races from other tracks. That is why it is important to specify the track where you wish to place your bet.

Now hand the teller your money and take your ticket. Keep it in a safe place. You’ll need it to claim your money if you win.

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Cincinnati Reds at Chicago Cubs

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( The Chicago Cubs lost 13-6 to the Cincinnati Reds on Monday. Here’s a quick look at the game. Justin Grimm gave up a pair of two-run home runs in the sixth inning, not long after the Cubs scored four in the bottom of the fifth to take a 5-3 lead. Addison Russell’s two-run double tied the game 3-3, then Kyle Schwarber and Kris Bryant hit infield singles to drive in two more. The Cubs took a 1-0 lead in the third inning when Dexter Fowler hit a ball into the basket in left field for his 15th home run. But the Reds tied it and then went ahead 3-1 in the fifth. Joe Maddon walked Joey Votto intentionally with men on first and second. This strategy backfired, as Brandon Phillips singled home two runs. It looked like the Cubs took command the next inning, but Eugenio Suarez andAdam Duvall took Grimm deep in the sixth, and the Reds never looked back. The winning hit was Duvall’s first home run of the season. The Cubs blew up in the ninth, as Starlin Castro made two errors and James Russell got hit hard, which allowed the Reds to score six runs. Addison Russell homered in the bottom of the inning to finish the scoring. 

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The Cubs played like they partied all night and took a red-eye home from Los Angeles. It got worse as the game progressed. You have to chalk it up to remnants of the previous 24 hours, as there isn’t a better explanation right now.

It’s easier to come down on starter Kyle Hendricks than on Grimm, considering the latter has been good more often than not. Hendricks is a different story. He looked OK for several innings Monday before starting to get hit hard. He simply needs to last longer; five innings is about his max these days. His ERA is 4.15 as we head into the final full month of the season. That’s not good enough in a National League pennant race. James Russell is becoming a question mark, though he didn’t give up any earned runs. Still, the hard hit balls count, and he has had several appearances with similar outcomes.

Maddon made a few decisions worth second-guessing. His walk of Votto with first and second base occupied was unorthodox, but Votto has been the best hitter in the league in the second half. More puzzling was a double steal attempt with two outs and the tying run on base in the eighth. Bryant was thrown out at second base, which ended the threat before Castro had a chance at the plate.

The Cubs will have some new faces come Tuesday, when rosters can expand to up to 40 players for the rest of the season. Expect Javier Baez to join the team along with newcomer Austin Jackson. David Ross is expected back from family medical leave, and the Cubs should call up some arms as well. CJ Edwards will probably be one of them, but he has been on paternity leave.

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Robin Deakin is Back in the Win Column

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“Rockin” Robin Deakin, cruelly branded ‘Britain’s worst boxer’ by the national press in the UK – before using the tag for his own promotional ends – has taken the first crucial step to regaining his British licence by getting a much needed win on Saturday, defeating Latvia’s Deniss Kornilovs by 4 round points decision at London’s famous York Hall, winning every round.

Having won on his debut in 2006, the 26-year-old proceeded to lose his next 51 fights, and was relieved of his British boxing licence as a result.

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But Robin, 29, from Tilbury, Essex, proved all his critics wrong by beating Latvian Deniss Kornilovs on points on Saturday night after four gruelling rounds.

After 17 months out of the ring, Deakin outpointed Latvia’s Deniss Kornilovs over four rounds at London’s York Hall on a show licensed by the Malta Boxing Commission.

Now Robin, whose speech is slurred because of too many blows to the head, said: “I’m a fighter. I’m going to fight my way back to the top – you’ll see.

“All those people that called me Britain’s worst boxer can eat their words – they just made me punch harder.

“People saying I’m the worst made me stronger.

“I did everything different this time and worked my hardest – and it showed.”

The lightweight, who was boxing under a licence from Malta because he wasn’t good enough to keep a British Boxing Board of Control licence.

He fought and won at York Hall in Bethnal Green, east London, the venue where he emerged victorious in his debut – and lost 13 other bouts.

Robin said: “I’m over the moon. My trainers Mike and Dave Jennings of Jennings’ Gym got me in the best shape of my life.

“They taught me a lot – and they knew I had the ability to turn my career around.

“I’ve been really unlucky in some of my fights – ones I deserved to win but didn’t.

“Saturday night was tough, don’t get me wrong. I got the chance to finally show what I can do.”

Journeyman Robin won on points at the end of the four, three-minute rounds, 46 to 43.


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Tennessee Titans at Kansas City Chiefs

Tennessee Titans at Kansas City ChiefsWho: Tennessee Titans vs. Kansas City Chiefs

When: Friday, August 28, 7 PM CT

Where: Arrowhead Stadium; Kansas City, Missouri

Last Meeting: The Titans and Chiefs squared off in Week 1 of the 2014 season at Arrowhead Stadium. The Titans defeated the Chiefs 26-10. Alex Smith threw three interceptions in the game, and it was one of only two wins the Titans had in the entire 2014 season.

When you glance at the NFL preseason schedule in its entirety, from the first day of training camp until the last day before the regular season begins, the first 45 minutes of the third preseason game could be the most critical.

In what has become custom with nearly every team in the league, those minutes serve as the final warm-up, the final run-through that the starters will likely see before Week 1 of the regular season.

The Tennessee Titans head to Arrowhead Stadium to take on the Kansas City Chiefs in both teams third preseason game.

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As Kansas City Chiefs (2-0) head coach Andy Reid confirmed on Wednesday, he plans to play his first team for the majority of the game against the Tennessee Titans (1-1) on Friday night.

The Chiefs are 2-0 so far in the preseason. Their most recent win was 14-13 against the Seattle Seahawks. Jeremy Maclin looked more involved in the offense and scored his first touchdown for the Chiefs.

The Tennessee Titans are 1-1 so far in the preseason. They are coming off a 27-14 victory over the St. Louis Rams. The Titans are looking to rebuild and rookie quarterback Marcus Mariota is now the cornerstone of the franchise.

With a month of preseason work having come and gone, the Chiefs and Titans will hold their final dress rehearsal on Friday night at Arrowhead Stadium.

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Detroit Tigers at Toronto Blue Jays

Detroit Tigers at Toronto Blue JaysRogers Centre
Aug. 28-30

Friday, 7:07 p.m.
LH Matt Boyd (1-2, 4.88) vs. RH R.A. Dickey (8-10, 4.26)

Saturday, 1:07 p.m.
RH Buck Farmer (0-2, 7.80) vs. RH Drew Hutchison (12-2, 5.06)

Sunday 1:07 p.m.
RH Alfredo Simon (11-8, 4.89) vs. LH Mark Buehrle (13-6, 3.45)

The Toronto Blue Jays return to the Rogers Centre after an eight-game road trip, having gone 6-2, outscoring their opponents 67–35 in the process.

Entering a weekend series against the Detroit Tigers, the Blue Jays are looking to add to their 1.5-game lead in the AL East with victories against a scuffling Tigers squad that has taken losses in six of their last seven outings.

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Toronto (71-56) totaled 54 runs while batting .347 in a five-game win streak that ended with Thursday’s 4-1 defeat to Texas. The Blue Jays went 1 for 8 with runners in scoring position while nearly getting shut out for the first time in seven weeks.

Edwin Encarnacion saved his team from that fate with an RBI double in the eighth inning that extended his hit streak to 22 games, the longest in the majors this season. The Blue Jays had their division lead against the idle New York Yankees cut to 1 1/2 games after wrapping up a 6-2 road trip.

Toronto, easily the MLB leader with 689 runs and the winner in 21 of 26, will try to get back on track in its first matchup against Matt Boyd (1-4, 7.04 ERA). The left-hander was traded from the Blue Jays to Detroit on July 30 in the David Price deal.

The Tigers (60-67) have continued to struggle in close games lately and fell 2-0 to the Los Angeles Angels on Thursday. Detroit has dropped six of seven, with five losses by two runs or fewer.

Detroit took two of three from visiting Toronto in early July and dealt R.A. Dickey an 8-3 defeat in the middle game of the series. The knuckleballer gave up five runs and 11 hits in 5 2-3 innings.

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Premier Boxing Champions 2015: Leo Santa Cruz vs. Abner Mares

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Premier Boxing Champions has put together a highly-anticipated matchup between Mexican-born Los Angelinos Leo Santa Cruz and Abner Mares . One of the most anticipated featherweight showdowns will take place Saturday in Los Angeles. WBC super bantamweight champion Leo Santa Cruz (30-0-1, 17 KO) is stepping up to featherweight to take on former three-division champion Abner Mares (29-1-1, 15 KO) in a battle of respected Mexican fighters.

While Santa Cruz and Mares were once darlings of the sport thanks to their potential and penchant for exciting fights, both have come under criticism of late for facing a string of soft opposition.

That changes here, as either Santa Cruz or Mares has the opportunity to propel himself back into the fans’ good graces. No matter the result, the Santa Cruz-Mares pairing has the potential for fireworks, and at the very least, it will be entertaining to see both boxers face a worthwhile test. The 12-round 126-pound contest takes place at the Staples Center on Saturday night

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Fighter backgrounds:

A two-division world champion with a fan-friendly style, the 26-year-old Santa Cruz won his first world title in 2012 before adding another belt in 2013, which he defended four times. Unbeaten as a pro, Santa Cruz moved up in weight in his last fight and handily defeated Jose Cayetano on the pay-per-view undercard of the record-breaking Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao fight. Born and raised in Los Angeles to Mexican parents, Santa Cruz faces the toughest challenge of his career when he squares off against the Mexican warrior Mares.

Born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico and fighting out of Downey, Calif., Mares first tasted world championship gold in 2011 when he beat Joseph Agbeko to win the bantamweight world title. He continued his rise up the pound-for-pound list with wins over Anselmo Moreno and Daniel Ponce De Leon to win world titles at super bantamweight and featherweight respectively. The 29-year-old has won three straight fights including his first PBC appearance in a victory over Arturo Reyes in March. He will look to add another career milestone and take hometown bragging rights by defeating the unbeaten Santa Cruz.

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New York Mets at Philadelphia Phillies

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Bartolo Colon isn’t too old to try new things.

The big right-hander tossed five-hit ball and struck out eight in seven sharp innings, Michael Cuddyer hit a long homer and the NL East-leading New York Mets beat the Philadelphia Phillies 9-4 on Wednesday night. Colon (11-11) bounced back from a rough outing in Colorado, helping the Mets improve to 18-6 since July 31. They took a 6 1-2 game lead over second-place Washington, which lost 6-5 to San Diego.

The Mets have dominated the Phillies, winning eight straight, 11 of 12 this season and 23 of the last 28 meetings. They will go for a four-game sweep Thursday night with plenty of visiting fans

New York (70-56) leads the East by 6 1/2 games over second-place Washington and is on the verge of its second seven-game winning streak this month after beating the Phillies 9-4 on Wednesday.

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The Mets’ current run includes three wins each over Colorado and Philadelphia (50-77), occupants of last place in the West and East. Following the conclusion of this four-game series, New York’s next nine games come against last-place Boston, the Phillies and Miami before a series with the Nationals that may lose its importance to the division race.

The Mets have won 28 of the last 35 matchups with Philadelphia, including eight straight for their longest winning streak in the series since a 10-game stretch from 1971-72. New York is making itself at home at Citizens Bank Park, winning 17 of the last 20.

The Phillies have dropped six of seven at home and are turning to Aaron Harang (5-14, 4.67), who’s tied with Milwaukee’s Matt Garza for the most losses in the majors. The right-hander is 0-3 with an 8.18 ERA in his past four starts


The Mets have scored 64 runs during a six-game winning streak. They have 84 hits and are batting .347 in those games.


Mets: LHP Steven Matz (lat muscle) allowed one hit over six scoreless innings in a rehab outing for Double-A Binghamton against Erie. He struck out six and walked none, throwing 41 of 56 pitches for strikes. The promising rookie could return to the major league rotation by next week. … 3B David Wright had a scheduled day off. He was 2 for 9 with a homer in his first two games back after missing four months because of a back issue.

Phillies: 3B Maikel Franco (left wrist fracture), on the DL since Aug. 12, is expected to return this season, according to interim manager Pete Mackanin.


Mets LHP Jonathon Niese (8-9, 3.80) faces Phillies RHP Aaron Harang (5-14, 4.67) in the series finale. Niese is 10-6 with a 2.77 ERA in 21 career starts vs. Philadelphia. The Mets are 7-0 in his last seven starts against the Phillies. Harang is 6-7 with a 3.94 ERA in 15 starts vs. New York.

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