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Online Blackjack Strategy

online bettingThe ‘perfect’ Blackjack strategy has to cover every possible combination of cards. This quickly becomes hard to remember, especially under playing conditions. What this simplified strategy does is give you a basic strategy, suitable for most hands you’ll encounter, then takes you step by step to a more advanced level, until you’re playing like a pro.

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How to use this simplified Blackjack strategy

Basic rules

Aces should be treated as 1, except with 7, 8, and 9 when they equal 11.


A, 6 is always 7
A, 8 is always 19

Points total is the total of all cards in your hand, not just the first 2, so the same rules apply to

7 and 6,
5, 4 and 4
A, 4 and 8

all of which should be treated as 13.

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Stage 1 – Beginner’s Blackjack strategy

Points total Action
3 to 1112 to 16

17 to 20

Exception: A, 7

HITHIT if dealer > 6, otherwise STAND


HIT if dealer > 8, otherwise STAND


Stage 2 – Intermediate Blackjack strategy

As the beginner’s strategy, with the addition of the Split on a pair

Points total Action
ALL PAIRS except 4s, 5s and 10sPAIR 4s


PAIR 10s


HIT if dealer has 10 or A, else DOUBLE DOWN



Stage 3 – Advanced Blackjack strategy

As the intermediate strategy, but with Double Down on 9, 10 and 11

Points total Action


DOUBLE DOWN if dealer < 7DOUBLE DOWN if dealer < 10



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Winning Online Roulette Strategy

 Casino BettingPlaying online roulette is as simple as betting on your number or favorite combination of numbers and hoping that whatever pops up corresponds to what you’ve bet on. But you don’t have to bet blindly. We’ve got 10 winning tips to help you make money over the long haul. It’s one of the easiest Internet roulette guides to follow, so make it part of your winning roulette strategy.

A roulette strategy is more your plan for everything else, including:

  • How you will cash in winnings without being detected
  • Your plan of attack: will you win fast and large, or slow and small for discretion.

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Play the Outside: Lots of players looking for tips for online roulette are told to bet on specific numbers for a huge bankroll boost. But payouts for hitting your number spot on at the roulette table are 35:1. And the odds of hitting your number are 37:1, which is why dropping $100 on a single number might not be the best option if you don’t have a lot to work with. But if you play the outside – which includes betting red, black, even, odd, 1 to 18, or 19 to 36, you’ve got an almost 50/50 chance of hitting a winning number.

Increase Your Odds on the Inside: If you want to bet on specific numbers, don’t forget that you don’t have to bet on just one number. By placing your chips on the right place on a roulette board, you can play several numbers that are near each other on the board – with one single bet.

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Try a Betting Strategy: There’s no single guide to Internet roulette that winning Roulette players follow, but many of them follow a betting strategy to help them build their bankroll.

Monitor a Roulette Wheel: You can’t do this online, but one winning roulette strategy involves watching a wheel like a hawk for hours and hours in an effort to find some sort of pattern. Maybe it’s that certain numbers are hitting more often than not.

Try Multiplayer Roulette: Playing online roulette doesn’t always mean you have to go it alone. Some of the best online roulette strategy development happens when you watch other players, like we mentioned above

Practice new Online Roulette Tips: Great roulette players have one thing in common – they all practice to improve their online roulette strategy. Don’t just dive into things and go for broke without knowing how the wheel works.

Set Aside a Percentage of Your Profits: You might win four spins in a row, but if you keep betting everything and losing numbers pop up, you’ll eventually lose it all. That’s not the best online roulette strategy to follow.  Instead, set aside a small portion of each win – and don’t touch it.

Play at Only Reputable Casinos: No matter what guide to Internet roulette you follow, it won’t do an ounce of good if the casino you’re playing at is not reputable.

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Horse Betting Money Management

online betting siteGood money management in horse racing is more important than in other forms of sports betting. You cannot expect to win as often when you bet on horse races as you would on games involving just two teams. The compensation for this is that horse betting pays much higher odds than most other sports bets.

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Follow this advice to manage your money:

  • No more than 5% of a bankroll is to be bet on any one race. 2%-4% for regular plays and solid plays, 5% for better plays and 1% on races to just have “action”. Bankroll is money set aside just for wagering, not the car payment money, etc. It doesn’t matter how large or light your bankroll is. Whether you play win bets, trifectas or whatever, the bet amounts are still 5% max on best plays, 1% just for “action” and 2%-4% on regular plays. You should keep a separate bankroll for exotics and win bets. If your total bankroll is $1,000 then split it up to $500 for win bets only and $500 for exotic bets only OR $600/$400, etc, etc. Keep records of all your bets in a notebook!. This is very important because you will want to keep track of what you have success with and what you don’t.
  • Finding and wagering on overlays as your best plays is the key to profit. Our reports will uncover the overlays for you. You will need to put in a small effort. Obviously there won’t be solid overlays in every race. We’ve already done the handicapping, now it’s up to you to wager correctly. There is plenty of information on our website to help you along the way.
  • If you have a bankroll of $200-$500 stay away from trifectas, superfectas and pick 6’s!!. Medium bankroll players should limit play to win bets, exactas, daily doubles and pick 3’s until bankroll grows larger. Even then you could still stick with the basics.
  • If you have a bankroll of $50-$199 stick to win bets only.

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  • If your bankroll is less than $50, you are a $2 to win per race (and not every race) bettor. Don’t try to be anything else.
  • Keep a notebook to take notes on various observations and to log your wagers. Being a student of the game will enable you to become a profitable horseplayer over time.
  • Spend more time on how you place your bets. We’ve already done the hard and time consuming part for you. If you spent the time you handicap the races on how to wager each race you would make more money instantly!
  • All of these suggestions are set assuming you want to try to make some profit. If you don’t care about profit and just want an exciting time then by all means try it your way. If you want to stay in the game then follow the suggestions of a successful horseplayer.

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Detroit Pistons at Philadelphia 76ers

sports betting siteThe Detroit Pistons and the Philadelphia 76ers meet for the fourth and final time this season.
The Detroit Pistons were able to snap an ugly 10-game skid last night with an impressive 105-95 win over the Grizzlies despite playing without the injured Greg Monroe. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope led the scoring with 24 points while Andre Drummond added 16 points and 16 rebounds, but the night belonged to Reggie Jackson who broke out with 23 points and a career-high 20 assists. As a team, the Pistons were able to dominated the second half by 66-41, erasing a 15-point half time deficit and improve to 24-43 on the season.

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the Philadelphia 76ers have lost 12 of their last 15 and are coming off a 108-89 loss to the Celtics. Nerlens Noel continued his strong form with a team-high 18 points, Ish Smith added 16 points and Hollis Thompson added 13 points but the Sixers were simply blown out of the water right from tipoff as they fell behind by 38-18 after the first quarter and could never threaten to come back. The Sixers have actually been pretty competitive lately, winning two of their last five and staying within single digits in the other two losses, but this was a loss cause before halftime.
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Philadelphia has won two of three matchups with Detroit, posting its best defensive effort this season in an 89-69 victory in the most recent meeting Jan. 28.

The Pistons shot 30.7 percent in that contest, their worst since hitting 30.5 against Indiana on Feb. 15, 2001.

Greg Monroe (knee) sat out Tuesday’s game but is expected to face the Sixers.

Quincy Miller (ankle) is day to day.

Brandon Jennings (Achilles) is out indefinitely.

Joel Embiid (foot) and Tony Wroten (knee) are out indefinitely for the Sixers.

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Winning at Horse Racing

Horse racingCheck WagerWeb and find the best online betting site.

Follow this tips for winning at horse racing:

Employ a Sound Money Management Strategy

It is impossible to win at horse racing, or any other type of gambling, if you do not have a sound money management plan. The question is, what constitutes a sound money management plan when it comes to horse racing? The answer: Optimal Betting.

Optimal Betting is based on a mathematical principal called the Kelly Criterion. It recommends that you bet a percentage of your bankroll based on your “edge” over the game. Your edge, can be expressed as follows:

Edge = W – L/$ odds

W = percentage of horses that win the race (your win %)

L = percentage of horses that do not win the race.

$ odds = the average win payout based on $1. To determine this, take your average win mutual, subtract $2, then divide by 2. Note: If you do not know both your win % and average win mutuel, then you should start keeping track immediately.

Optimal Betting theory would hold that a horseplayer should bet 3-4% of his/her bankroll on each wager.

With Optimal Betting, it is imperative that you always know your edge.

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Maintain an Adequate Bankroll Dedicated to Horse Race Wagering

The size of your bankroll depends largely upon the amount that you are comfortable betting on the races. Many wagering systems, theories and guidelines are built around an assumed bankroll of $2,000.00.

If you are using a bankroll of $2,000.00 and plan to bet 2% of your bankroll per race, you will be limited to $20.00 wagers. Your standard wager size is also commonly referred to as a “unit.” A much more conservative estimate of how large a bankroll should be is to use to take your average win mutuel, expressed in odds to 1, and multiply if by your standard betting unit, then multiply that amount by 100.

Always Insist on Both Value and Price Before Placing a Bet

Limiting your wagering to situations where you have both value and price is an important winning factor that many otherwise good handicappers often overlook. Contrary to popular belief, being a winning horseplayer is not about picking a high percentage of winners. Rather, it is about finding good betting opportunities based on value and price.

So exactly what are value and price? The terms are usually used interchangeably, but it should be clearly stated that value and price are not the same thing. Simply put, price is your reward for taking a risk. The greater your risk, the greater your price should be. We, however, are greedy and always insist on price even when our perceived risk is not that great. The minimum price I always want is 5-1 odds. I actually want better than that, but will settle for 5-1 if I really like a horse.

Be Selective – Be Willing to Pass Races and Don’t Force Bets

Even on the slowest of racing days, there are many, many horse races run in North America. On prime racing days, there are literally hundreds of races run. Each race represents a betting opportunity. These opportunities, however, are not created equal. Believe it or not – please believe it – most horse races are poor wagering opportunities. Successful horseplayers wait for good betting opportunities, then pound the hell out of them.

These days, most of the people who go to the track to watch live races are either (a) losing players, or (2) are “old school” folks who don’t have an Internet connection. Why are most of the players who go to the track losers? They are losers because they are there for the social aspect of racing and are prone to betting every race on the card, and betting it poorly at that. I am generalizing here and understand that there are always exceptions.

Master Your Handicapping Method

Here is a winning factor that you don’t really see discussed. A common axiom among horseplayers is that there are many different ways to win at racing. Some handicappers use a speed-based method, others use pace, while others still use esoteric ratings of their own creation. Each handicapping methodology, and there are lots of them, has its own advantages and disadvantages. The important thing is that a horseplayer master whatever method they use.

Too many horseplayers decide to purchase a handicapping book or buy handicapping software, then quickly discard it when it fails to be a Black Box. Handicapping, no matter what method you use, involves a lot of reading between the lines.

Have a Game Plan

If you don’t have a handicapping plan, you’re going to be a loser. All successful gamblers, whether they are card players, card counters, sports bettors, craps players or horseplayers, have a plan.

In order to have a plan, you must first determine what kind of horseplayer you are. Are you conservative? If so, you need to be willing to grind out a profit playing straight bets (win, place, show) and exactas. Conservative players try to hit a high percentage of winners at overlaid prices. They don’t go overboard going for large exotics scores.

Keep Records of All Your Bets

Record keeping may very well be the most important aspect of winning at horse racing. After all, how do you even know whether or not you are winning or losing if you don’t keep records?

Keeping records of your horse racing bets does more for you than just telling you if you are ahead or behind. It also helps to show your strengths and weaknesses as a handicapper. Perhaps you are awesome at picking winners in juvenile (2 year old) maiden races, but terrible at graded stakes races for older horses. What if you didn’t know this? What if you thought the opposite were true?

Record keeping will tell you how well you are doing at handicapping races, betting them, and where your strengths and weaknesses lay. In short, record keeping is truth. Winners keep records while losers remain in denial.

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San Antonio Spurs at New York Knicks

San Antonio SpursEven without the veteran swingman, they should have more than enough Tuesday night to handle the woeful New York Knicks, whom they already defeated this season despite being very short-handed.

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San Antonio went 5-1 on a recent homestand, which culminated with Sunday’s 123-97 blowout of the Minnesota Timberwolves. Kawhi Leonard led eight players in double figures with 15 points, while Danny Green and Marco Belinelli scored 13 points apiece.
San Antonio wound up with a season-high 38 assists on 49 baskets and made 58.3 percent for the game. Tiago Splitter (12), Tony Parker (11), Ginobili (11), Tim Duncan (10) and Cory Joseph (10) rounded out the double-digit scorers for the Spurs, who rebounded from an overtime loss versus Cleveland to win for the seventh time in the past eight tries.

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New York (13-53), however, owns the league’s worst record and has lost 15 of 18, averaging 91.2 points on 40.8 percent shooting in that span. The Knicks need to win half of their final 16 games to avoid finishing with the fewest victories in franchise history, set by the 1962-63 team that went 21-59.

The Knicks dropped a 102-89 decision against the Phoenix Suns on Sunday and were led by Alexey Shved and Andrea Bargnani. Both foreign players scored 18 points and Lance Thomas added 144 for the Knicks, who shot a respectable 43.8 percent and committed 13 turnovers.
The Knicks visited San Antonio on Dec. 10 and left with a 109-95 defeat, as Belinelli paced the hosts with 22 points. Hardaway had 23 points in that one for New York, which is 6-16 in the past 22 games in this series.

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Horse Racing Betting Strategies

online bettingCheck WagerWeb and find the best online betting site.

The “POP” Pick 3 Strategy

The pick 3 can be a very profitable wager if a good strategy is used. You will want to be able to single a horse in one leg and have a chance for a nice payout. It makes no sense to play the bet if you single a 2-1 shot with a few other horses in small fields because, even if you win, the payout will be small and not worth the bet. We have developed a pick 3 strategy that is designed to
A) Not cost a lot to play and
B) Has a good chance to pay very well if it hits.

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Here are the rules of play:

– You must have one horse to play as a single in one of the legs. This horse has to be “special” in some way. Morning line odds on this horse has to be equal to or greater than 3-1. The reasoning here is that we are trying to find a pick 3 bet that is not going to be played by everyone at the track. Who needs a pick 3 that pays $35? If you use a horse with a ML of 5-2, 2-1, 9-5, 7-5, etc, chances are it will be heavily bet. So, rule 1 is a special horse with a ML equal to or greater than 3-1. Not a very hard find on a typical card at most tracks IF you have the right information.

– True Odds on this single key horse has to be equal to or less than 6-1. Many of you know a value odds horse can SOMETIMES be a possible outstanding candidate for a single if you are looking to make a nice score. Do NOT use the Value Odds horses as your single key exclusively. There are plenty of nice overlays on the reports that are not Value Odds picks. As you get to know the reports and take notes, you will know rather easily which horse to make your “special” single key.

– The other 2 legs of the pick 3 that coincide with your single play must have a minimum of 8 horses entered. If they are chaos/contentious races all the better.

– Key the aforementioned qualifying single to each horse in the other 2 legs that have True Odds equal to or less than 6-1. The reasoning behind this is that an amazing number of winners have our true odds of 6-1 or less (NOT morning line odds). That threshold of 6-1 is very evident. It is like the Mendoza Line, Mason Dixon Line, etc. Keep in mind it does not matter what the morning line odds are on these horses. Some of these horses are 20-1, 15-1, 12-1, 10-1, etc but as long as their True Odds are 6-1 or less they are a major contender. An amazing thing we find that is there are a lot of these 3-1, 4-1, 5-1 and 6-1 true odds horses paying very well as overlays. Most of the time you will have 4 or 5 horses within this true odds range. This means your ticket will usually cost between $16 and $25 on a $1 base.

– Keep in mind the bankroll rules with this wager as in all wagers. To place a $25 wager you should have a bankroll of $500 (max 5%) or more. If you are going to play pick 3’s you should set aside a separate bankroll just for pick 3’s. If you have a light bankroll we suggest you do not place this wager or play a light version of it. The light version would be your key single with 3 horses in the other 2 legs each. The 1 horse with 3 horses with 3 horses only costs $9 on a $1 base. You pick any 3 that you want as long as they are within the true odds range.

– If you like a horse within one of the 3 races of the pick 3 that you play, and he is at nice odds, always back up your pick 3 bet with a win bet on that horse. You definitely do not want a $25 horse to win, miss 1 leg of the pick 3 and not cash a ticket on him. You have (or should have) a separate bankroll for win bets and you would follow the usual % of bankroll rules for the win bet.

– Buy a notebook. On the front cover or the side write the words or print a label entitled “Wagering Log”. Keep detailed notes and records on all the bets you place and their outcome. This should be done for ALL your wagers. We have a saying around here: “Those who do not take notes or keep a wagering log make it possible for those of us who do cash in on overlays”. Something as simple as this can change a player’s bankroll. By keeping a notebook, the player becomes more studious by nature. A student of the game will beat this game over time. From Webster’s: stu.di.ous – dilligent or earnest in intent. Was it your “intent” to make a profit in this game? Yes, of course. You know what you need to do.

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Portland Trail Blazers at Washington Wizards

sports betting siteThe Blazers head to Washington D.C. tonight to take on the Wizards in the second half of a road back-to-back. Portland dispatched the Raptors last night, 113-97.

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The Trail Blazers will visit the Wizards in what should be a fun matchup between two of the more exciting teams in the NBA. Portland is currently in third in the Western Conference and playing some of its best ball of the season, winning eight of its last 10. Washington is reeling a little bit winning just five of its last 10. Both of these teams are expected playoff teams, so fans should be in for a hard-fought game.

Portland is playing the second of a five-game road trip. It is coming off of two of its best performances of the season, shooting 55 percent from the field and 49 percent from 3-point range while averaging 115.5 PPG. Games like this are making Portland look like a championship contender. It has won three straight since losing Wesley Matthews for the season and will look to make it four against the Wizards.

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Washington has struggled as of late after a hot start to the season. Beal is finally back healthy, and Washington is looking to catch stride the last quarter of the season and grab home-court advantage in the first round of the playoffs. Although the Wizards have been playing poorly, they did win their last three by an average of almost 21 PPG. This is the last game of their homestand before a four-game Western Conference road trip, so they’ll want to get some momentum in front of their fans vs. Portland.

Portland defeated Washington, 103-96, on Jan. 24 in Rip City and was led by Aldridge’s 26 points and nine rebounds. Wall recorded 25 points in that one for the Wizards, who have lost two in a row in this series after winning three straight.

Washington is 4-1 in the last five meetings with Portland in DC.

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Become A Horse Betting Master

horse racing gamesCheck WagerWeb and find the best online betting site.

Whether you’re a beginner, a veteran. Once you enter the Grandstand — the area where everybody hangs out and gambles — you’ll need to know a few things to start tapping that bankroll and making a penny or two. Here’s a basic horse-betting primer:

For beginners:

  • The most common horse-betting increment has been $2. Sure, you can bet a crisp $100 bill, too, but we’d suggest starting with a two-spot.
  • If you bet the favorite every time, you’ll have approximately a 33% chance of winning.
  • You’ll be betting in a parimutuel environment, meaning all bets of a specific type are put into a pool. Winnings come out of that pool. So it’s unlike poker or blackjack, where you’re betting against the dreaded House. Here, you’re up against other horse bettors.

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  • Normal or “straight” horse bets come in three forms: Win – You’re betting on the horse to cross the finish line first — i.e., to win the race. Place – You’re betting on the horse to come in either first or second. Show – You’re betting on a horse to come in first, second, or third.
  • Horse betting is all about the odds. If you bet $2 on a horse to Win with 2-1 odds, you’ll more than double your money to $6. In other words, multiply $2 x 2/1 + your $2 initial bet. Third-grade math skills go a long way in adult life.
  • At the track, beginners should place bets at a betting window, manned by a human being. There is a level of comfort you reach standing face-to-face with a person and reading your bet to them — rather than using an electronic gambling machine or ADW.
  • Horse betting follows a sequence. Let’s say it’s the 5th race and you want to bet on horse No. 4: approach the betting window and declare to the teller, “At Aqueduct, in the 5th race, I’d like to put $2 to win on the No. 4 horse”. That’s how you place a bet at any track: Racetrack, Race, Dollar Amount, Bet Type, Horse Number.
  • Once your bet has been placed, the teller will hand you a ticket, which will have your exact bet on it — and, like a lottery ticket, you can exchange it for cash later if your bet is “in the money”.

Gambling Veterans

Typically, it takes awhile to get good at horse betting, so don’t get down on yourself if you lose some money upfront. Being a degenerate gambler is not really about how much you make, money-wise; it’s more about the thrill of the game, being a savvy operator, and beating the odds. Here’s a primer for taking the leap into multi-wager or “exotic” betting:

  • The horse-betting veteran will be looking at just about every piece of data in a horse’s past and present to try to get an edge on an upcoming race, including: the horse’s trainer, its bloodline, the day’s weather report, racetrack conditions, how fast the horse ran in his/her previous race, and even the equipment on the horse.
  • You will have bought the Daily Racing Form, basically the Bible of past-performance data for horses. NOTE: For an even fresher perspective, you may have also brought the day’s paper, which has some local handicapping information in it. For example, the New York Daily News’ horse racing analyst is Jerry Bossert.
  • Bets can be combined in a number of ways to maximize your winnings. They cost a little bit more to place, but the payouts can be much higher, depending on the horse’s odds. Here are the basics: Exacta – You pick the first two horses in order, the Win and the Place horses. Quinella – You pick the first two horses in either order. Trifecta – You pick the first three finishing horses in a row: Win, Place, and Show. Daily Double – You pick the winners of two consecutive races.
  • At Aqueduct, besides the normal multi-pick wagers, you have the chance of picking even more winners and getting even bigger payouts. File these under “almost impossible”, but as a savvy horseplayer, it’s entirely possible that you’ll hit one or more of these a year, if you do your homework: Superfecta – Pick the first four horses in order; i.e., Win, Place, Show, 4th Horse. Grand Slam – Pick a horse to finish in the top three in three straight races, capped by the winner of the fourth race in the sequence.
  • Pick 3, Pick 4, Pick 6: These are as they sound — pick the winners in 3, 4, and 6 consecutive races. The races are predetermined by the track, so you can’t just pick any three races.


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Los Angeles Clippers at Dallas Mavericks

Los Angeles Clippers at Dallas MavericksCheck WagerWeb and find the best online betting site!!!!

The Dallas Mavericks play host to the Los Angeles Clippers tonight at the American Airlines Center.
After losing in disappointing fashion to begin their five-game homestand, the Dallas Mavericks admittedly need to make adjustments on the court in order to get back to playing at a high level.

Chandler Parsons returned to the court and led the way with 18 points, Monta Ellis had 17 while Amar’e Stoudemire added 15, but the Mavs were just horrible on defense. On too many possessions, the Cavaliers were able to swing the ball and find the open shooter uncontested on the perimeter and it really burned the Mavs as the Cavs sunk 15 of 32 threes. After the loss, Stoudemire publicly called out his teammates about their lack of effort, so expect an improved level of intensity tonight.

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The Los Angeles Clippers have won five of their last seven overall and they’ll be looking for a third straight win after earning a marquee 120-108 win over the Thunder on Wednesday. Chris Paul had a monster game of 33 points and nine assists while playing great defense on Russell Westbrook, while JJ Redick added 25 points and Matt Barnes had 22 as the Clippers dominated the red-hot Thunder in their own building. As a team, the Clippers got off to a sensational start and poured on 100 points after three quarters thanks to 15 of 30 shooting from the three-point line, but the best part was that they were able to stifle the Thunder’s Westbrook, forcing him into 10 turnovers. With the win, LA improved to 42-23 on the season and 18-14 on the road which keeps them climbing up the Western standings.

The Clippers, who have won eight of 10 in the series, haven’t swept the Mavericks since taking all four meetings in 1993-94. They won 120-100 in Los Angeles on Jan. 10 and 115-98 on the road on Feb. 9.

They are also seeking a fourth straight victory in Dallas for the first time since a five-game winning streak there from March 18, 1992-March 8, 1994.


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