Betting on Sports for a Living?

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What you need to know to start winning at sports betting? We tell you all about it :

You Must Have a Betting Plan

Most Bettors haphazardly go from day to day without a plan for success and that is probably 80% of their downfall. They just don’t know what they are doing. Betting sports is exactly the same as playing the Stock Market. You can’t Day Trade, you have to do the Longterm Investments, and the one’s that pay off everytime. You must also be willing to cut your losses and realize that everyday is not going to be a winning day

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Following Hot Handicappers

Seeking longterm winners is the key and in most cases, a minimum of 200 to 300 Plays tells you whether someone has the ability to continue to be a winner or not. Simply put, you have to do your homework. You have to search for those guys that can hit 54% or more for an extended period of time. There are not many that can, but there are some that do. Avoid Hot Streaks at all costs and you are well on your way to beating this game.

Managing Your Bankroll

While there are many theories about how much to play per play, the general rule is 2% to 3% of your current Bankroll. However, as your Bankroll grows, you are allowed to bet more but you must set clear goals as to when you bet more.

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