Betting The MLB Favorites

Betting The MLB FavoritesToday it’s all about Baseball, with two articles one for novice bettors and one for more experienced ones that can still welcome some advice. The MLB season is longer than any other in sports in terms of pure games played and as a result its teams go through longer peaks and valleys than in any other sports. The 162-game season creates longer winning streaks and losing streaks than in any other major sports leagues and that is something that the people that bet on baseball can take advantage of. The biggest difference between good teams and bad teams is that the good ones are able to minimize their losing streaks while the bad ones can drop five or six in a row at any point. That is the focus of the Betting MLB favorites system, which looks to capitalize on these extended slides.

The basic premise of the Betting MLB Favorites system is to bet on any team with a win percentage that is higher than .470 if it is a home favorite of -110 or greater. The key is to capitalize on the fact that the good teams will win more than the bad teams with the majority of their wins every year coming at home. While it might seem basic on the surface the point of the system is to stick with those teams knowing that they are in a favorable situation and even if they lose that first game they will more than likely bounce back and win the next one.

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The numbers certainly support staying with the favorites in those situations as the majority of them pulled out the win in their first game as a home favorite at -110 or greater. Of the 37 teams that lost in that situation throughout the entire baseball season, 24 of them went on to win the next game for a 24-13 total record coming off a loss on the initial bet. Of the 13 teams that lost both the first and second games, nine of them ended up winning the third game. The numbers are proof that even when the teams in the system lost the first game they went 24-13 in the game following the loss and 9-4 in games following back-to-back losses to make it a successful system. Those are excellent numbers for any player that invested in the MLB favorites system and stuck with it through the three-game window if they needed to do it in order to make a profit.

The numbers never lie and anybody that used the MLB favorites system a year ago ended up making a substantial profit. It’s important to remember that the initial bet was always on a home favorite at -110 odds or greater and that the player had to have a bankroll that could handle back-to-back losses in the rare instance they occurred in order to capitalize on the eventual payoff. The MLB favorites system rewarded anybody that met the criteria with a major profit for the entire season so don’t be afraid to try it out this season at