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How To Bet On Football Accumulators

How To Bet On Football Accumulators

An accumulator is a bet that combines four or more selections into a single wager whereby every selection must win for the bet to be successful. The main advantage of a win accumulator is that the odds/winnings can be much higher, however with this comes greater risk. More and more bookies are now offering a refund on your bet if one team lets you down on any accumulator that contains five or more legs.

Accumulator Bet Slip

The advantage of an accumulator is that winnings are much higher at the expense of increased risk, only a single selection need lose for the entire bet to lose.

In the case of a non-runner, returns are calculated as though the accumulator hadn’t contained the selection. For example a six-fold would become a five-fold. Dead heats for a winning position are settled at reduced odds using standard rules.

Accumulators are available for all sports, however sportsbooks vary in their rules on combining selections from more than one to create a single bet. Selections from the same event cannot be combined into a single accumulator this is to prevent anyone trying to place several bets on the same runner. More formally the selections must be mutually independent.

Some bettors like to reduce their risk by placing bets on the folds of their wager so that it is still possible to gain a return even when not all selections win. For example a person placing a 6-fold accumulator might also place a stake on the 6 smaller 5-fold accumulators so that should one selection fail to win, not everything is lost.

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The classic football accumulator is seen by many as a sure fire way to gain maximum return from a minimal stake. That of course, is never the case and in reality there is a lot more to an accumulator than simply picking as many teams as you can to increase the potential winnings from your bet.

The great thing about accumulators is that small stakes can give you huge payouts. They also commit the bettor to the whole bet, for example there is no ‘cashing out’ option if four of your selections have won but the other three don’t play until the following day.

Accumulators are the best way for a causal bettor to get some enjoyment out of a bet, there is far too much margin for error. For that reason the recommendation is to bet in combinations.

Combination betting comes at a higher original stake to an accumulator, because you are placing more than one bet. The advantage of this type of bet is you won’t be screwing your slip up at full time with the painful disappointment of one team letting down your whole bet.

With combination betting, the more teams you chose, the more your bet will cost you, but of course, the more profitable it could be. Sign up now

Canada vs. United States – World Cup of Hockey

Canada vs. United States - World Cup of Hockey

As the world cup of hockey undertakes the United States is on the verge of elimination. The U.S. goes into its showdown against Canada tonight needing a victory to survive and give itself a chance to advance to the semifinals.

A loss in the opener to team Europe and Europe’s overtime victory over the Czech Republic on Monday made this a win-or-go-home game for the Americans.

U.S. players circled the game against Canada as the biggest game of the tournament as soon as the schedule was released. Based on their precarious position, it has become exactly that.

There is some serious unrest among the ranks of team USA. John Tortorella’s tactics and lack of success in game 1 of USA’s World Cup of Hockey drew heavy criticism from the public and more concerning, from former team USA hockey legends such as Jeremy Roenick, Mike Modano and Brett Hull. If they fail to get a huge upset against tournament favorites team Canada tonight, USA’s bid to win the World Cup is more than likely over.

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Some facts:

USA has not won a best-on-best tournament since they took gold at the 1996 World Cup.

Canada has won back-to-back gold medals at Winter Olympics.

Canada beat the USA 5-2 when they met just over a week ago in a pre-tournament game.

Dean Lombardi and John Tortorella assembled a grinding-gritty team that they thought would have a lot of success within the NHL rules being used during the World Cup. A respectable theory but the practice of that theory has left most baffled.

USA was embarrassed by team Europe in a game they benched Dustin Byfuglien, one of the grittiest players in the world and one of the best all-around forward/defenseman in the NHL.

Canada has a chance to take advantage of a team that is reeling and looking for answers. They dominated the Czech Republic in their first contest and looked better than the Americans in almost every facet of the game. Carey Price was sharp in net, there was a ton of chemistry between the forwards and they allowed just 27 shots to reach their goaltender.

The Americans will have to make serious adjustments if they have any hope of stopping a Canadian juggernaut that peppered the Czech tendy with 50 shots.

Europe was able to beat USA 3-0 despite amassing just 17 shots on goal so Torts would be smart to roll with Corey Schneider or Ben Bishop in this one.

Sportsbooks have lines up for the contest, where there’s some value if you have faith the best hockey playing nation in the world stays that way tonight. The average puckline (Canada -1.5) is being offered at -105 which should cash easy.

Canada’s speed and skill could have the Americans seeing stars. Make your predictions, sign up now at

Where can I bet on football legally?

Where can I bet on football legally?

Sports gambling has existed for as longs as sports have existed. Betting and sporting events go hand in hand, from bets as basic as picking the outcome of the game to complex in-game proposition bets.

Sports betting is a multi-billion dollar industry around the world. The NFL itself is a $10 billion a year business, but that number pales in comparison to the amount gambled on each NFL season. In 2012, a full $1.34 billion (41% of the entire sports gambling picture) was wagered in Nevada’s physical casinos on National Football League contests. And the National Gambling Impact Study Commission estimated recently that more than $380 billion is wagered annually on college and pro football, including events like superbowl betting and college playoffs, through online accounts, and through illegal local bookies in the United States alone. For this reason, bettors in the United States often wonder what legal sports betting sites they have at their disposal and more specifically you may be wondering, “Where can I bet on football legally?

The legal picture in the US regarding both NCAAF and NFL gambling is different than in other countries. Many Asian and European countries openly support online gambling, but the US as a whole does not. Even the few states which have moved forward with legalizing online gambling in their states have not yet successfully added online sports betting to their offerings. That means football betting legality for American players and visitors will involve finding a sportsbook which operates online, and has been licensed by a company physically located outside of the United States. Fortunately there are indeed safe and secure legal sports betting sites available to bettors in the USA.

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These companies will openly support and encourage US players, they will offer a wide variety of online deposit methods, and allow you to move money in and out of your account quickly and securely. These top legal football betting sites will also offer a mobile optimized experience for your smartphone, deliver the most competitive totals, lines parlays and teasers. Offering a highly secure and safe gaming environment, these sites also provide a high quality user interface, trained and knowledgeable support staff, and an efficient banking suite to offer American and international players the best football betting odds to help improve your overall return on investment.

With hundreds of billions of dollars at stake, there will be all types of operators trying to get their hands on a piece of that pie. This is why, more than ever, taking some valuable time to do extensive review work before opening an online sportsbook account is even more important here than it may be if you simply enjoy some easy-going, low key online casino gambling. With so much information available to anyone with a computer and an Internet connection, the veteran gambler understands that by legally betting on football games online, either pro or college, he can give himself one of the best opportunities at winning of all the online gambling options. It is no secret that a successful football betting strategy can return to the disciplined gambler a very healthy income each year, if you know what to look for online. Sign up now

Betting On Baseball – Consensus

Betting On Baseball - Consensus

Sports betting is a multi-billion dollar industry around the world of which the NFL itself represents a $10 billion a year business. With these numbers it is clear that betting on baseball isn’t nearly as popular as betting on football is however for the purpose of sports betting, it can be very profitable if you find a way to make it a habit. No other sport has as many matches in a season, which translates into countless possibilities to make some money throughout the season.

One of the principles is to avoid the early season for several reasons, you are trying to learn how to be a smart bettor on every team. Also the weather can be unpleasant at certain parks, some managers will still experiment with their line ups, and most important many reputable pitchers get off to a slow start in June; they need time to heat up.

But at this point we’re actually in a different situation as the 2016 MLB season is inching closer to its conclusion and the playoff picture is starting to take some shape. Here are other tips for betting on baseball.

Avoid rivalries; some teams have a natural rivalry with each other such as the Yankees and Red Sox or Giants and the Dodgers. When teams like this face each other anything can happen, and the result of the game can be difficult to predict.

Some people use consensus picks as a tool. The logic behind it is that the public is always wrong. As a matter of fact the public is wrong more times than they’re right. Consensus picks means what percentage of the general betting public is on each side of the game.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider consensus reasons regularly.

  1. Find out what teams the public favors on daily games regarding:

– Against the Spread (ATS)

– Moneyline (Sides)

– Totals (Over/Under)

  1. Follow the Community Leaders across all sports & teams, including Covers Contest leaders’ picks. Sort them by:

– Win Differential (Diff)

– Win Percentage (Win %)

– Relative Strength Index (RSI)

– Units (+ or -)

  1. Find out where the Public Money is going on the most popular teams.

What is the Covers “All Players” Consensus?

Shows the number of picks in the league cash contests made by all players.

What is the Covers “Community Leaders” Consensus?

Each night Covers ranks the top contest players for all teams. The top 10 players for each team are considered “Community Leaders”. The consensus shows the opinion of these “experts” when their team is playing.

What line is used when counting consensus picks?

Consensus picks are against all moving lines. For instance, if the line moves from 3 to 4, the consensus page for all matchups will show the total number of picks for the visitor and home team at both line values. The consensus page always displays the most recent line.

How often do the consensus numbers update?

The data on the various consensus pages are continuously updating throughout the day as picks are submitted by contest players. Updates typically are made at about 5 minute intervals, but can be slower during peak traffic times on the site.

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NFL Rookie Betting Mistakes

NFL Rookie Betting Mistakes

The NFL regular season continues this weekend with Sunday games. After four weeks of preseason ball and only four official dates, you’re probably over the moon at the prospect of watching real football. But don’t let that tempt you into making bad plays when it comes to betting. If you don’t have a strong opinion on the first games, be patient there are 17 weeks (plus playoffs!) to get your action.

If and when you do lay some money down, remember to avoid these common mistakes that should be reserved for only the neophyte gambler.

Because of the full week off between games, there is no sport more prone to recency bias than the NFL. If a team looks bad week one, everybody will immediately forget that a key player was hurt or that they didn’t match-up well with their opponent, or god forbid, they simply had a bad afternoon. A team that starts 3-0 but then drops three straight is shunned by bettors in Week 7. However, a squad that begins 0-3 and rallies to get to 3-3 is “hot.”

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As you bet throughout the year, take a broad look at the teams. Try to find reasons for their results. Don’t let your judgment be painted by what you saw last, whether it was an ugly game or a few highlights. The Patriots lose games every year. But they’re tough to beat almost every week, whether coming off of a win or a loss.

There is a pretty good argument to be made that an NFL signal-caller is the most important position in all of sports. Sportsbooks know that. Quarterbacks affect the spread more than any other individual on the field. But don’t let this reality blind you to the fact that football is a team game.

Fans and media members constantly say things like, “Andrew Luck is only laying three points on the road against Alex Smith, that doesn’t make sense.” Yes it does. Maybe the Chiefs are better at the point of attack, better in the secondary, and play really well at home. Quarterbacks make a huge difference in the game, but betting the NFL like it’s a 1-on-1 competition is a good way to lose your money.

Pro football is the proverbial “war of attrition.” Every team will sustain injuries throughout the year, but average bettors will only pay attention to the flashy ones. Everyone knows that Tony Romo is hurt. But did you pay attention when the Colts lost starting left guard Jack Mewhort to a major knee injury?

Big football injuries are overvalued by average bettors while low profile lumps are undervalued. Mewhort isn’t a Pro Bowler, but someone with less experience is taking his place on a shallow Indy roster; it’s probably worth half-a-point a game. Parlay your Monday Night Football. Join and get action on the biggest selection of sporting leagues in the market.

NFL Football Odds – The Patriots

NFL Football Odds – The Patriots

The Miami Dolphins again face a tough game on the road against a team that’s given them fits this millennium, New England Patriots, the Jimmy Garoppolo era couldn’t have started much better with the Patriots picking up a win in Arizona. They were as high as 9.5-point underdogs at some books and the game will likely be their biggest challenge during Tom Brady’s four-game suspension.

With their next three games coming at home vs. the Dolphins, Texans and Bills, online books have opened up odds on whether the Patriots will start the season 4-0. ‘No’ is the most likely outcome with odds of -250, while the odds of a perfect 4-0 start are +170.

Starting 2-0 shouldn’t be much of an issue as the Patriots are 16-4 in their last 20 home games against the Dolphins. They’ve hosted the Texans three times, picking up wins and covering the spread each time with the last meeting between the two in New England occurring in 2013. They’ve also completely owned the Bills, winning 14 of their last 15 home games against them.

Miami, Houston and Buffalo combined to go 10-14 on the road last season and the Fins and Bills both picked up a road loss in their first game this season. Also of note the Patriots host the Texans for Thursday Night Football next week and have won three straight Thursday nighters.

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Taking Garoppolo’s Week 1 performance, recent records and historic trends into consideration, +170 to start 4-0 looks like a steal.

With Garoppolo under center, the Patriots is among the most efficient teams on offense. The loss of LT Sebastian Vollmer to a hip injury is a big blow, and other injuries to Nate Solder and Jonathan Cooper (who are both listed as questionable this week) are also going to be an issue in the next two weeks against two really strong pass rushes (Miami and Houston). Defensively, DE Rob Ninkovich is set to miss the next three games as he serves his four-game suspension, and LB Dont’a Hightower is also dealing with a knee injury.

The Patriots are being offered at +170 to start the season 4-0, and we would need odds of +420 or better to play `yes`. In fact, we would argue that there is significant value in playing `no` at -250.”

For what it’s worth, the Dolphins have won three of their last five against New England dating back to December of 2013, but the Patriots have lost only one home opener at Gillette Stadium since it opened in 2002. They’ve historically struggled against the Dolphins in September and October in Miami, but not so much at home, where they’ve won their last seven and are 12-2 against Miami at Gillette. This is the second game of a tough September slate for Miami, which began in Seattle a week ago and continues on the road again in two weeks against Cincinnati. Sign up now

Best Online Sportsbook for American Players

Best Online Sportsbook for American PlayersIt is not that easy finding a good sportsbook – partly because the web is populated by website owners who will sing the praises of a sportsbook or casino simply because they earn revenue from signing up customers via an affiliate program.

Often these website owners know nothing about betting, do not hold accounts with the sportsbooks they are advertising and have not researched the companies they are involved with. With this informaiton we intend to help you to determine which is the best online sportsbook for American players.

Consider the sportsbook as a bank, after all you will be keeping your money in an online account long term.

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Overall, here are some of the things you should be looking for when deciding which online sportsbook fits you the best:

Read press articles as opposed to reviews – reviews are usually written by the sportsbook’s marketing team.

Test run the software by joining and playing for free – most sportsbooks offer this facility.

Find out if your funds are insured or separated in ESCROW accounts so that if the sportsbook company goes under – your funds are still safe.

Find out if the sportsbook is independently audited.

How long has the operation been online – three to four years is usually a good marker as a minimum.

Test out the customer services to see if they meet your standards or the standards they promise you.

If you know about betting already, then check some of their odds and lines – are they in keeping with what you would expect? Some less scrupulous sportsbooks offer very attractive prices to lure unsuspecting bettors.

Find out if the sportsbook is part of a larger group of companies. Sometimes this means added solidity.

What are the deposit and withdrawal options and the associated charges. These vary quite a bit from book to book. Options should be available that are ‘free’ or where the sportsbook absorbs the charges. But ask yourself; “how easy is it to get access to my money and how much does it cost?”

Not all the above are critical – but help towards finding a secure book.

If you have already have an account with a sportsbook watch out for lapses in customer service and slowness of payment these can be signs that the company could be in trouble.

At WagerWeb the deposit and payout processes are quick easy, and painless. You will even find free payout options.

Betting itself is easy to do online and the site is among the more modern. Check out the app for Android and iPhone, which allows you to bet from your couch, or even at the game. The odds cover all major sports and events popular in the US, and we also offer some interesting sports and entertainment prop bets. All this is only natural for a solid company that was established since 1994. Sign up now

Betting On Hockey – Tips

Betting on Hockey - TipsWith football and basketball betting overlapping the hockey season, some bettors make the mistake of overlooking hockey; it is not only a fun and exciting sport to watch, but a great sport to profit from, with the world cup just a couple of days away you may want to consider getting in some iced action.

The key to betting on hockey is handicapping team systems. While star goal scorers and goaltenders dominate the headlines, the most successful bettors often succeed due to their knowledge of each team and how they will approach that given game.

Some teams play an exciting and fast-paced offensive brand of hockey that focuses on attacking rather than defending. These teams play aggressive and fast, trying to overwhelm the opposing team with a flurry of offense. Other teams focus more on the defensive side of the game; while the post-lockout era in the NHL has done away with “the trap”, some teams do still have great success slowing the game down and defending. Teams that play this style often wait for their opponents to make a mistake to capitalize offensively.

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When two teams with similar styles meet, bettors can make a strong educated guess as to how the pace of the game will play out. Two offensive-minded teams will often have high-scoring games as both are comfortable shooting out and not playing defense; defensive-minded teams are more prone to low-scoring defensive struggles.

Anticipating that a game will be high-scoring or low-scoring will give bettors a great indicator of where to find value on moneyline, puckline, and over/under wagers. This is why it is so important to take the time to familiarize yourself with the playing styles of all teams.

While the age-old betting tip rule states that teams play better at home, this isn’t always a universal truth. Some teams tend to play too tense in front of their home crowd, and win frequently while they are on the road. Keep in mind that not all home advantages and road disadvantages are created equal; study each team’s tendencies.

Other strategies in hockey include knowing who’s goal-tending to keeping up with injuries. Some websites list starting goaltenders and while it is easy to foresee a backup goaltender starting one night of a back-to-back, there are many routine days off that are easy to overlook if you don’t double check. Also, hockey players are notoriously tough, and playing through injuries is a part of the game.

Types of Hockey Bets

There are several types of hockey bets a bettor can place in today’s online market, anything from standard hockey totals, money lines to more advance betting like first period hockey and Grand Salami bets.

Read our in-depth look at the different types of hockey wagers you can make. You will be well informed and educated to make a knowledgeable hockey bet at your favorite online betting site. Sign up now

MLB Betting Action Mariners – Angels

MLB Betting Action Mariners - Angels
The Mariners matched their longest win streak of the season at six consecutive games Monday night with an 8-1 victory over the Los Angeles Angels.

Maybe you’ve forgotten about them because, yes, it’s football season but you may want to re-consider as they play again on Wednesday. The Mariners have been the highest scoring team in September, scoring 79 runs in 11 games.

During this six-game win streak, the starters are 5-0 with a 1.79 ERA with 20 strikeouts in 35 2/3 innings pitched. They haven’t allowed more than three runs in any of those starts, including two or fewer in the last four outings.

Robinson Cano hit his 33rd homer of the season, which ties a career high. He also hit 33 homers in 2012 with the Yankees. It came on the first pitch of the at-bat, giving him 11 first-pitch homers this season. He’s hitting .346 (37-for-107) over his last 27 games. Cano admitted he forgot the number of outs in the third inning when fired the ball with three outs to first base, trying to turn a double play on Mike Trout and stunning Dae-Ho Lee, who caught the ball.

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The Angels will get a visit from Seattle on Tuesday, with the home side looking to send the visitors to the showers with a loss.

Taijuan Walker, with a record of 5-10 on the season, gets the ball for the Seattle Mariners, while the Los Angeles Angels trot Alex Meyer to the mound in this one. He is 0-2 so far in 2016.

With the recent results and the current situation, moneyline favors Seattle Mariners in MLB battle with LA Angels.

This game matches up the No. 10 (Los Angeles Angels) and the No. 21 (Seattle Mariners) teams, according to our current MLB Power Rankings.

At the plate, Los Angeles owns the No. 13 ranking for hits at 8.85 per game. By contrast, the Seattle Mariners are rated No. 9 in the same category at 8.96 per game.

Comparing defensive stats, Seattle owns the No. 17-rated road mark, allowing 4.64 runs per game on the highway. Los Angeles, on the other hand, rates No. 22 in scoring at home.

Get in the action, check out the betting trends because WagerWeb has the largest selection of Teasers and YES, you heard it right, we pay True Parlay Odds!

Seattle is 4-2 ATS in its last 6 games

Seattle is 5-0 SU in its last 5 games

The total has gone OVER in 10 of Seattle’s last 14 games

Seattle is 3-6 ATS in its last 9 games on the road

LA Angels is 10-5 ATS in its last 15 games

LA Angels is 2-4 ATS in its last 6 games

LA Angels is 1-5 SU in its last 6 games

The total has gone UNDER in 4 of LA Angels’s last 6 games

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Handicapping College Football

Handicapping College Football

Power ratings and quality perceptions maintain a large influence on college football markets. For this reason you can find meaningful edges if you dig a little deeper to study the strengths and weaknesses of offenses and defenses.

In college football is pretty common to find games that are priced within a field goal or a TD where one team actually has a clear matchup advantage that they’re likely to exploit on the way to a comfortable victory. If you focus on the “chess” of football rather than general perceptions, you’ll be able to find and exploit these opportunities.

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As the first step you must focus on each team’s offense. Look for things such as

What are they good at? What do they emphasize? Are their skill sets so dynamic and varied that they can get the job done in a variety of ways?

To answer these questions simply utilize statistics from last season as well the performance under the current coach, while considering this year’s skill set.

A team that passed a lot last year with a superstar quarterback may cut way back on that approach if he graduated. A team that was led by a superstar running back may be forced to pass more often this year if that stud has moved on to the NFL.

Whether you’re handicapping your favorite conference, or the full college football betting slate, you must make a best estimate of how each team will try to move the ball during the season, and how successful they’re likely to be with that approach.

Defensive Fundamentals

Now you’re ready to look at defense. Be sure you have last year’s stats handy for yards-per-carry and yards-per-game rushing yards allowed, and yards-per-pass and yards-per-game allowed passing. Then, make adjustments for returning starters or any assistant coaching changes that could influence this year’s performances. You want to be able to state fairly confidently that “this team will be able to stop the run this year,” or “this team will get blown off the point of attack.” You’ll also want to know who will be relatively helpless on pass defense against teams who know how to throw.

Turnover Expectations

Besides the basic characteristics of dimensionality, you should also develop expectations for the turnover department. There are some handicappers who insist that turnovers are random, but above all know that “turnover luck” will even out over the long haul. There’s indeed a lot of randomness involved in the play-by-play dynamics of football, but:

Make an evaluation for each offense regarding how turnover prone they’re likely to be. You won’t nail them all, but common sense will have you in the right much more often than not.

Regarding a defense’s ability to force turnovers, look at recent numbers under the current coaching regime, particularly if the defensive coordinator has been there a long time. Some defenses are so conservative that their forced turnover counts are low. Others take an NFL mindset and are constantly trying to dislodge the football.

Don’t be one of those bettors who whines “turnovers are killing me” because they keep betting on high risk teams who are likely to lose the ball at least three times in challenging environments. It’s not “bad luck” if you picked a sloppy team on the road against an aggressive defense. Make the most of NCAA, sign up now