Gambling on The Big Screen

Gambling on The Big ScreenAre you a bettor or are you considering to become one? Gambling and movies are some of the most popular entertainment activities in the US.

Finding good movies that go in depth into the world and underworld of the industry can sometimes be hard to find. The entertainment industry at times takes aim at the gambling industry.

Most of the movies made about betting take the viewer into the dark side of the gambling industry. This lets you see some of the possible outcomes for those who find themselves stuck in this life.

Others take you to the other side where the bookies make the money. Even movies about the other side of the industry show the possibility of trouble coming. This can take those involved and turn their lives upside down.

Gambling is a great theme for a movie and brings in big bucks for most at the box office.

The next time you’re looking for a movie check one of these films out. You might learn something. At the very least you’ll enjoy some entertainment.

One thing that it hasn’t touched up that much is sports betting, and in particular soccer betting, but it has shown up in a couple of films in recent memory. The first is the Matthew McConaughey and Al Pacino film Two For The Money. The film is written by Dan Gilroy, who would later go on to make the Jake Gyllenhaal movie Nightcrawler, and was directed by D.J. Caruso (xXx: Return Of Xander Cage).

McCounaghey played the part of Brandon, a college American Football star who was forced into an early retirement by a life-changing injury. After the accident, he hooks up with Al Pacino’s Walter, a guru in the world of sports betting where he starts a brand new career. Of course, this film largely revolves around American sports, but soccer is something is offered on sports betting websites these days, and some even come with a handy football betting guide, something that Brandon could have done within Two For The Money.

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Football is a game where you can bet on absolutely anything, from an outright score to the first player to land the ball in the back of the net, goal difference, correct score prediction and even whether the game will go into extra time or not. These are things the lead character of our next movie may have seen he get involved with.

Football, horse racing and even cards are something that is seen in Mississippi Grind, a 2015 Ryan Reynolds and Ben Mendelsohn film which showed the duo take to road in the southern States for Mendelsohn’s character, the down on his luck Gerry, to attempt to win a fortune. Of course, Gerry is the kind of guy to bet on absolutely anything, a trait that sees him get into all sorts of trouble.

These two films are really worth checking out, two examples of sports betting used to great effect in the ever changing world of the movies. Seek them both out at your nearest opportunity. Sign up at