Horse Betting Money Management

online betting siteGood money management in horse racing is more important than in other forms of sports betting. You cannot expect to win as often when you bet on horse races as you would on games involving just two teams. The compensation for this is that horse betting pays much higher odds than most other sports bets.

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Follow this advice to manage your money:

  • No more than 5% of a bankroll is to be bet on any one race. 2%-4% for regular plays and solid plays, 5% for better plays and 1% on races to just have “action”. Bankroll is money set aside just for wagering, not the car payment money, etc. It doesn’t matter how large or light your bankroll is. Whether you play win bets, trifectas or whatever, the bet amounts are still 5% max on best plays, 1% just for “action” and 2%-4% on regular plays. You should keep a separate bankroll for exotics and win bets. If your total bankroll is $1,000 then split it up to $500 for win bets only and $500 for exotic bets only OR $600/$400, etc, etc. Keep records of all your bets in a notebook!. This is very important because you will want to keep track of what you have success with and what you don’t.
  • Finding and wagering on overlays as your best plays is the key to profit. Our reports will uncover the overlays for you. You will need to put in a small effort. Obviously there won’t be solid overlays in every race. We’ve already done the handicapping, now it’s up to you to wager correctly. There is plenty of information on our website to help you along the way.
  • If you have a bankroll of $200-$500 stay away from trifectas, superfectas and pick 6’s!!. Medium bankroll players should limit play to win bets, exactas, daily doubles and pick 3’s until bankroll grows larger. Even then you could still stick with the basics.
  • If you have a bankroll of $50-$199 stick to win bets only.

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  • If your bankroll is less than $50, you are a $2 to win per race (and not every race) bettor. Don’t try to be anything else.
  • Keep a notebook to take notes on various observations and to log your wagers. Being a student of the game will enable you to become a profitable horseplayer over time.
  • Spend more time on how you place your bets. We’ve already done the hard and time consuming part for you. If you spent the time you handicap the races on how to wager each race you would make more money instantly!
  • All of these suggestions are set assuming you want to try to make some profit. If you don’t care about profit and just want an exciting time then by all means try it your way. If you want to stay in the game then follow the suggestions of a successful horseplayer.

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