Horse Betting Rules

Horse Betting RulesCheck WagerWeb and find the best betting site!!!!

WAGERWEB offers over 60 tracks for Thoroughbred & Harness racing.
We take action on Win, Place and Show wagers, also Exactas, Quinellas, Trifectas, Superfectas, Daily Doubles and Pick 3s, any and all of these If offered by the track.

  • The minimum wager for racebook wagers on the Internet and over the phone is $2. The maximum amount depends on the track you are wagering on.
  • Once bets are placed and confirmed, they may not be changed or canceled in any way.
  • The Racebook System automatically takes the races off the board when the race begins, therefore, if you have a confirmed ticket, generally you will have action on the race. This holds true for both internet and call center.
  • Post times are available upon request. For thoroughbreds and harness racing we take into account the whole minute for your bet. Example: If the race is off at 12:05, and your ticket was placed at 12:05 (and any second on that minute, up to :59), your wager will have action. If your ticket was placed at 12:06 your wager will NOT have action. For Quarter Horse wagering we will rely solely on our System’s Off Time as official time.

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  • In all events that a winning horse’s name corresponds with the official record, we will pay out the wager made on the named horse. In the event that the horse’s name does not correspond with the official record, we reserve the right to hold back a payout, pending a review.
  • After management verifies the results of the race, if it is found that the wager was past-posted, your wager will then be disqualified from any winnings, and your original bet will be placed back in your account.
  • When you wager on a horse that is coupled, your wager includes all horses running under said number. If a horse is coupled with others, if you bet on any of them, you receive all horses running as part of the entry. If part of an entry is scratched and part of an entry runs, all wagers have action. There is no “must go” action as part of the entry. If one of the entry horses runs, all wagers and bet types have action.
  • For Daily Doubles and Pick 3’s we use the same rules and payouts as the track regarding consolations and ALL’s when there are early and late scratches.All normal tracks limits are still applicable.
  • There are no house odds. If there are no track payoffs for a certain type of wager, all wagers on that type will be refunded.
  • If a horse is inadvertently shown as scratched in our wagering menu but runs there will be no refunds given for any wagers made in said race.
  • If a horse runs for Purse Money Only, we follow the track payout rules as determined by the host track.
  • If a track is in our betting menu, or a wager type is available that is not listed on these Racebook Rules the Maximum Net Profits on these will default to $500.

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