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Trifecta wagers require the player to pick the first three finishers in a race in exact order. This means that the player selects a horse to finish first, a horse to finish second and a horse to finish third. If all 3 horses chosen do not finish in that order, the wager is a loser.

Minimum entries for wagers to have action 4.
Trifecta wager example:

A player wants to bet 3 horses in a $10 trifecta. The horses are Mylovelylady, Shesawinner and foxylady.

Mylovelylady to win
Shesawinner to place
Foxylady to show
Risking $10.

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Trifecta Box:

A trifecta box wager is a multiple bet wager. The amount of bets depends on how many horses you select. Basically it is a trifecta wager with all possible combinations. Therefore if you select horses A, B and C you will have 6 possible combinations ( A,B,C – A,C,B – B,A,C – B,C,A – C,A,B – C,B,A )

Trifecta Box wager example:

$10 Trifecta Box,
for a total of $60 at risk

Pick 3:

Pick 3 wagers require the player to pick the winners of 3 consecutive winners on the same track. If one of the horses does not win then the wager will be graded as a loser.
Minimum entries for wagers to have action 2.
Example of Pick 3:

Mylovelylady to win in Race 1
Shesawinner to win in Race 2
Foxylady to win in Race 3
$10 Pick 3


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