Houston Texans and Dallas Cowboys current news

Storms, hurricanes and flooding is having a direct sports effect in NFL. The Houston Texans have to move to Dallas Cowboys field in order to keep training and being safe when the regular season is about to start next week. Looks that they will use this field for the first two games and actually, they will play each other for the last preseason game next Thursday evening. It has been announced that they will donate all the tickets to the United Way Of Greater Houston Relief Fund in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and it also got relocated to AT&T Stadium in Arlington. It will also be combined with the one million dollars donation made by Texans owner Bob McNair to the United Way. As well as some players who have raised fund on their own such as J.J Watt who raised 3.25 million dollars. He stated to Espn: ““I think the only good thing that could possibly come out of a game on Thursday would be a massive fundraiser. That’s about the best-case scenario that could some from a game on Thursday is if it raised multi-millions of dollars.This is bigger than football. It’s bigger than a game. It’s bigger than any of us. So we need to make sure that we’re thinking about these victims and the city of Houston before anything else”. Good heart from a good player.

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Regarding both teams current news. Cowboy`s last game against Oakland Raiders went pretty good and is showing how well set  is the team for the coming season. Although, a bad news for the defensive team when linebacker Anthony Hitchens got injured and will be out for the first games. While Texans lost with Saints last Saturday trying their three quarterbacks and none of them feed the scoreboard out. The entire running backs only rushed 57 yards in the whole night. Very frustrating numbers.

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