How to play Texas Hold’em Online – Part I

Playing Texas Hold’em online is – in principle – no different from playing Texas Hold’em offline; the cards value, combinations and betting system work pretty much the same. Even if the basic aspects of the game remain unchanged, there is one very important difference, and it’s that you can’t read an opponent as you do when playing offline; so, if you want to win more than you lose, you’ll need to learn how to play Texas Hold’em online – in other words, learn how to read an opponent, take into account your opponents’ hands and quickly estimate your chances of winning, when to bluff, how to bluff, and when to fold.

Also remember there is a crucial difference between regular tables and tournaments, as well as limit and no-limit games.

In regular tables you may find players of all levels at any given time, and your goal is to win as many hands as possible and then retire before they start understanding your game.

Tournaments will usually have a large amount of players with different skill levels, but the closer you get to the final table, the better your opponents’ skills. Also, because tournaments require you to reach a certain rank before you receive any reward, your strategy must be slightly different, as you need to win large pots early in the game to have some leverage and be able to hold until a payoff is guaranteed. Winning is obviously the objective, but you need to be careful and take calculated risks, as you will be facing a lot of players with very different styles, some knowing what they are doing, and some having no idea while betting recklessly.

In either case, a game with betting limits will help you reduce risk, but will also limit you from taking advantage of opportunities when you have an unbeatable hand, so think carefully what kind of game you will choose to play, and how this will affect your strategy.

In the next part we will go over the fundamentals you need to master to have a chance when playing Texas Hold’em for more than fun.

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