Live Betting Tennis Rules

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General Tennis Rules

If a match in a knockout competition begins but is not completed, all match and set bets will be voided.

Bets placed after the semi-final stage of a competition will be classified as match bets, and in the event of the match not taking place, or having started but not being completed, bets will be voided.

In the event of a change in the total number of sets played, match bets will stand, but set bets will be voided. Example: a match originally designated as ‘Best of 5 sets’ reduced to ‘Best of 3 sets’ because of inclement weather.

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In the event of any of the following circumstances all bets will stand.

  1. A change of playing surface
    ii. A change of venue.
    iii. A change from indoor court to outdoor court or vice versa.

When a match is postponed or re-scheduled, bets will stand provided that the match is completed before the end of the competition.

Money line markets refer to the winner of the match or specified set.

In the event of a player retirement and/or walkover of any player, all undecided bets will be voided.

In the event of any delay (rain, lack of visibility …) all markets will remain unsettled and the trading will be resumed as soon as the match continues.

Spread markets (handicap markets) are based either on sets or games (please refer to market title).

Over/Under and Odd/Even markets are based on games (unless otherwise stated).

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Settlement and Cancellation Rules

If markets remain open with an incorrect score and thus giving a significant impact on the odds, we reserve the right to void bets.

If players or teams are displayed incorrectly, we will reserve the right to void bets.

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