NFL Predictions

Sunday NFL Football is here and will like to share some predictions about the games. Going one by one and taking in consideration that that season started very unpredicted since Chiefs won against New England and Tampa Bay against Buccaneers is already suspended because Irma`s hurricane. The truth is that New York Jets against Buffalo Bills is a very closed and intense game. With both having a fresh offense. Then comes Pittsburgh against Cleveland which is a top game but stats leans the balance to Pittsburgh thanks to their great football expertise. They are common team in playoffs last season and Browns has a lack of numbers if we consider last season performance. Raiders and Titans is a regular game with similar conditions on both offenses and defenses. Eagles against Redskins, take Eagles with their impressive teams and players like Carson Wentz. Jaguars against Texas is about defense teams and low scoring. Cardinals and Lions is a good game to bet on. Potential players will lead Arizona`s win.

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Then comes, Bears against Falcon which can be a huge upset of the first game`s regular season. Ravens against Bengals will underestimate Flacco who has only a few weeks in trainings. Everybody knows that he will get to this game on poor fitness conditions. Colts and Rams will release a new venue for Football. However, Colts star is missing so take the other side. Seahawks and Packers is a great game. Follow this one and take Aaron Rodgers team. Panthers and San Francisco is another low game. Panther’s quarterback has poor numbers so far, reason to take San Francisco`s side. A good one is Giants against Cowboys for Sunday Night Football with player weapons like Sterling Shepard and Brandon Marshall. Take Giants. Monday Night Football will have Saints against Vikings with a Drew Brees well joined. Finally, Chargers against Broncos following a tight game with the Chargers prediction to take the game on their side. Let`s see what happens this Sunday.

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