Online Betting Terms: C

Online Betting Terms: C

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There are a lot of betting terms to master, and understanding, here you can find the general online betting terms out there:

Canadian: A bet on five selections covering doubles, trebles, four folds and a fivefold

Carpet: A ‘tic-tac’ term used in the betting ring for 3/1.

CD / C&D: Course and Distance. A sign that a horse has won over the course and distance a race is taking place.

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Chalk: The favorite.

Chalk player: A person who usually places his bets on the favorite.

Chasing: Betting on things you normally wouldn’t in order to recover losses.

Cheek Pieces: Headgear worn by horses to help performance

Clerk of the Scales: The official responsible for ensuring all jockeys weigh in correctly at the end of a race.

Circled Game: Applies to US sports. A game where the betting activity is limited by the bookmaker; this usually happens where bad weather or injury may significantly alter the chances of either team winning, thereby making the outcome far more uncertain.

Correct Score: Correct score betting is popular with football, where the total number of typical scores is limited. The odds are dependent on the actual match odds between the two teams.

Co-Favourite: A favourite who is joint favourite with at least two other horses.

Conditional Jockey: A young jumps jockey who gains a weight allowance over more experienced jockeys. The weight allowance decreases as the jockey gains more victories.

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