Online Betting Terms: D


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There are a lot of betting terms to master, and understanding, here you can find the general online betting terms out there:

Dam: The female parent of a horse.

Dead-Heat: When two or more horses’ finishing positions cannot be separated

Dog: Somebody who is expected to lose a fight or contest. Also known as the “underdog”.

Dog player: A person who usually places his bets on the underdog.

Doubles: An accumulator which involves two selections. Both must be successful for the bet to win.

Double Action: An “if-bet” that proceeds if the precedent bet is won, tied or cancelled.

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Double Chance: Occasionally, bookmakers may reduce the 3 outcomes for a football match to 2, by what is known as ‘Double Chance’ betting, where a single price is offered on a win or draw.

Double Result: Some bookmakers now offer books for the half-time result only, and more typically the “double result”, that is, the result at both half-time and full-time.

Draw: Reference to the number of starting stall a horse will begin a race from.

Drifter: A horse whose odds are getting bigger due to lack of support in the betting.

Ducking: A bookmaker is often said to be ‘ducking’ a horse or an outcome. This means they are shorter than their competitors in the betting to avoid big liabilities on selections they think will win.

Dutching: Backing more than one selection in an event with the aim of making the same profit whichever of the bets wins. Dutching is covered in detail

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