Online Betting Terms: O


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There are a lot of betting terms to master, and understanding, here you can find the general online betting terms out there:

Odds: Also referred to as the price. The returns a bookmaker offers for a selection to win.

Odds On: Refers to a price where the odds are less than evens (fractional) or 2 (decimal).

Odds Against: Refers to a price where the odds are greater than evens (fractional) or 2 (decimal).

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On the Bit: When a horse needs no riding from the jockey

On the Nose: A bet on a horse to win

Outsider: The opposite of a favourite.

Over-round: The margin the bookmaker builds into their odds to ensure they make a profit on an event.

Overweight: An eventuality where the jockey weighs more than the weight one of his rides is supposed to carry.

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