Playing Tennis Tips for Beginners

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These 10 tips with the beginner in mind should help you get off on the right footing.

The tennis racket: Rackets for beginners and junior-sized rackets are relatively inexpensive, but don’t just go for the cheapest — choose one that matches your body and grip size. Ask for advice from the sales assistant. Once you have been playing for a while, don’t assume that once a string has broken the racket is no good and should be thrown away. If it is a good one, it may be worth having it re-strung and having the tension adjusted to suit your play.

Practice your tennis: You may play well one week, and then appallingly the next, for no apparent reason. Don’t get downhearted by this — it’s normal! Just keep playing and your game will eventually sort itself out. The world’s best players have spent years getting to where they are, starting at an early age and with help from some of the best coaches. Yo

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Take some tennis lessons: The best way to improve is to take some lessons.

Warm-up and cool-down before and after tennis: Always warm-up and cool-down before and after play.

Stay refreshed during tennis: Remember to drink plenty of water, especially during warm weather, and you can even take light snacks.

Improve your tennis speed: Tennis players need to be able to react to an opponent’s shots by moving around the court quickly.

The right tennis racket grip: There are different types of grip for different shots. Either take lessons or talk to an experienced player to give you advice

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