Secret Commissions in European Market


Ivorian Coast Wilfried Bony will play with Swansea in the Premier League this coming season of 2017 and a lot of rumors have been disclosed about his deal. Apparently, two of his agents have received some cash under-table on a 8 million euro deal that happened during 2013 to 2015 while he was in his first season at Swansea. The agents involved were Gilber Kacou and Dalibor Lacina who have been sued for commissions. Swansea in an official memorandum stated: “The club can confirm that there is no ongoing legal dispute between Swansea City Football Club and Wilfried Bony.” They affirmed that they don’t have any dispute with the player and is about matter of his previous agents.

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The case got to the higher courts. However, the agents made a move insisting that the dispute have to be resolved in closed doors before getting to an arbitration panel. The judge in charge of this case stated:”The factual allegation is that, while ostensibly acting on his behalf in negotiations concerning his contract of employment with Swansea, (the agents and their companies) received secret commissions totalling in excess of £8m from the fifth defendant (Swansea City).” He also stated that Kacou is an registered agent in Ivory Coast but not an authorised agent in FA rules. All the agreements were signed without FA concerning so must be in consideration in open court.

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Following the track, the player on 2015 went to Manchester City in a deal of 28 million euros. Got in a loan to Stoke City and finally went back to Swansea City on a transfer deadline day. During all the players career, he has scored 125 goals in clubs and 13 with the National Ivory Coast Team. Six goals with Manchester City in 28 games.