Sports Betting Glossary M-O

Sports Betting Glossary M-O

Sports Betting Glossary M-O

Is placing wagers on opposite teams with advantageous point spreads.

Money Line
Is used for betting on the winner of a contest where the point spread cannot be used, such as boxing, or is not used, with the bettor needing only to pick the winner, regardless of the margin of victory.

Refer to the various point spreads or money lines on any given contest.

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Is a person who creates odds on sporting events, but does not accept wagers.

 Off the Board
Refers to a game that no wagers are being accepted on.

 Off the Board
Refers to the initial point spread or money line offered by the sportsbook to bettors.

Online Sportsbook
Refers to a company that accepts sports bets over the Internet.

Means to exceed the posted over/under (total) on a particular sporting event.

over/under” is a bet that is won or lost depending upon the combined score of both teams in a contest.


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