Sports Betting Glossary P-R

Sports Betting Glossary P-R

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Sports Betting Glossary P-R


Is a combination of two or more wagers that a bettor links together and all of them must win for the gambler to win their parlay bet.

Parlay Card
Means a bet on two or more teams (or totals) where all of the games must win in order for the bettor to win the wager.

Past Post
Means to place a wager after a game has started and is frequently used when the game is finished.

Refers to a game in which neither team is the favorite.

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Means to start wagering more money than usual, generally in an attept to recoup previous losses.

Point Spread
Refers a handicap that is placed on the superior team in term of points for gambling purposes.

Refers to the odds on a particular outcome happening. It can refer to an individual game, a series, or the entire season.

Prop Bets
Refers to wagers that have nothing to do with who wins or loses the game.

Puck Line
Refers to a hockey bet in which the bettor can either take the favorite -1.5 goals or take the underdog +1.5 goals.

Is another name for an underdog; the team that is expected to lose and receives points when bet on using the point spread or favorable odds when wagering with the money line.

Refers to a wager that ends up as a tie after the points spread is factored in.

Is the term used when one team has lost its most recent game against the opponent it is now playing.

Refers to two separate if bets using the same two teams.

Means a list of all the day’s games and the odds on the games.

Run Line
Refers to a baseball bet in which the bettor can either take the favorite -1.5 runs or take the underdog +1.5 runs.

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