Sports Betting Glossary S-U

Sports Betting Glossary S-U

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 Sports Betting Glossary S-U

Refers to an intelligent sports bettor.

Refers to a person who promotes a sport service or sportsbook for compensation without acknowledging the fact.

Smart Money
Refers to the money wagered by intelligent bettors.


Refers to an establishment that accepts wagers on sporting events.

Refers to an naive bettor, who will typically lose money over the course of a season.

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Refers to a sudden rush of money all coming in on one team or total.

Refers to a bettor who does not pay their debts.

Straight Up
Refers to the winner of a game without regard to the point spread.

Refers to a collection of gamblers who pool all of their efforts together in an attempt to beat the sportsbooks.

Refers to specific formulas used to determine a team to bet on in a sporting event.

Is a wager that consists of at least two football or basketball teams and all teams must cover the point spread for the bettor to win.

Is a betting opportunity that is won or lost depending upon the combined score of both teams in a contest.

Refer to specific situations and how teams respond for betting purposes in those situations.

Refers going under the total (over/under) of a particular game.

Means the person, or team, expected to lose an event.

Refers the underdog defeating the favorite.

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