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Bunting Important Technical Skill In Baseball

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Whether you hit for power, hit for average, or have trouble hitting, you can always help your team in critical situations by laying down a successful bunt. Bunting can be used not only to advance base runners but also to surprise an opponent or to get runners on base against an extremely tough pitcher. Proper instruction in bunting is important because this skill, should be executed with little individual deviation in technique.

If you want to be a complete hitter that can help his team in any situation, you need to spend the time necessary to become a good bunter. Good technique and practice is all that’s required to become a quality bunter.

Bunting Situations

Runner on First: Late in a game a sacrifice bunt is used to move the runner into scoring position.

Runner on Second: A good way to get a runner home from second without the benefit of a base hit is to have the runner at second steal third on a bunt.

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Here some tips to bunting

Set your bat angle: Get in your regular batting stance The motion for the bunt is simply to spin on your back leg like a normal baseball swing.

The bat angle is for the barrel to be higher than your hands.  If you do it the other way around, you’ll probably pop the baseball up in the air.

Hand Position: Your top hand is a little higher than normal, about where the label is.  The bottom hand stays down by the knob.  If you bring your hands closer together, like some people like to do, then you won’t have as much control over the bat.

Head Position: You want your head behind the barrel so that you can see both the baseball bat and the baseball in your line of vision.

Start High, use your legs to get lower: Start with the bat at the top of the strike zone.  If the throw is lower, than you will use your legs to adjust.  Keep your head and hands in the proper position and use your legs to drop your body as needed.  If the ball is above your bat, then you know it is outside of the strike zone.

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