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Cricket Equipment

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Cricket is a sport where you need a few bits of specialist equipment to keep you safe.

Bat : They come in different sizes and handle lengths. A good guide is standing a bat upright next to you. The top of the handle should reach the top of your thigh.

Ball : The inside is made of cork, with two halves of leather then wrapped around the outside as a casing. The leather is then stitched together to form the “seam”.

Stumps : There are three stumps at each end, with two bails sitting across the top of them. The stumps are 28 inches high above the ground and are equally spaced to cover a width of nine inches.

Batting pads : Their job is protection. Make sure they fit comfortably and properly as you need to move quickly when nabbing those quick singles. The horizontal panels on the front of the pad should be at knee height, with the top of the pad covering up the lower thigh.

Batting gloves: Modern gloves are very lightweight and provide lots of protection, especially to the bottom hand.

Box : A box should always be worn to protect the “privates” when batting against a cricket ball or other hard ball.

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Thigh pad : The thigh pad is a lightweight piece of protection which is worn on the outside of the thigh closest to the bowler. Two straps, one around the waist, and one around the inner thigh, hold the guard in place

Helmet : with a faceguard is worn by anybody up to the age of 18 batting against a cricket ball.

Wicketkeeper pads : They’re similar to batting pads, but they are shorter and lighter in weight, making them easier to move and dive around in.

Wicketkeeper gloves : Most keepers like to wear a pair of cotton inners underneath the main gloves. Gloves will have extra protection around the ends of each finger and the web between thumb and forefinger will be a major help in catching the ball.

Clothing : Short and long sleeve jumpers are commonplace on the field

Shoes : Spiked shoes are good for playing on soft ground, while pimpled rubber soles are better for hard ground.

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