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Boxing and Kickboxing Differences

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Even though Kickboxing and boxing are two sports that are much related to one another they have differences:

  • Boxing has its origin in Greece and modern boxing originated in United Kingdom. Kickboxing originated in Japan.
  • Kickboxers train their hands, feet, elbow, knees and sometimes heads as weapons for striking.
  • Boxing specializes in one thing and one thing only: punches.
  • In boxing, the punches may be evaded by ducking low or using the feet to move away.
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  • In kickboxing, one cannot duck low as there is a possibility of being kicked on the face
  • In boxing, no strikes are allowed below the belt. But a kick boxer can hit anywhere.
  • Circling is an important manoeuvre in boxing to change guard
  • In kickboxing you can strike an opponent without changing guard or moving away.
  • The left jab has much defensive value in boxing, it has less value with kickboxing.
  • The head is the main target in boxing which is not so in kickboxing.
  • Clinching is another important defensive method in boxing
  • Clinching technique has no influence in Kickboxing,

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