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Proper Tackling Technique

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We love football!! We love watch it, betting on it, and of course playing it!!! And we bet you do too, so at this article you’ll find the proper tackling techniques.

Tackling successfully and safety all starts with proper technique:

  • Approach ball carrier, chop feet and get under control. You never want to be caught flat footed. Aiming point is the inside hip of the ball carrier.  We do not use the term “break down” because breaking down will get defenders caught flat footed.
  • Stay low. Sink the hips, eyes on belt buckle.
  • Tackle through.  Explode through the target with head up. Contact must be made with shoulder pads.  Feet need to be active (chopping) andunderneath you. Shoot hands up, wrap up, and grab cloth.
  • The tackler’s head must always be across the body of the ball carrier. If our players do not get their head across the body we consider that an arm tackle.
  • Drive through.  Many kids will make the mistake of stopping their feet on contact.  Teach your players to shoot and drive through the ball carrier.

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Coaches should always start off with non-live tackling drills. Practice tackling techniques on air, then with dummies/ tackling sled, then you do some live contact.  From the first day of practice we will teach how to tackle with proper tackling technique. You can practice form tackling right off the bat in your stretching lines.

Tackling with the right form and fundamentals will keep your players safe and your team ahead. You can learn to drop quickly into a basic tackling form, shooting up and into the offensive player with extreme agility, accuracy, and power. With the right fundamentals, you’ll never get juked out of your shoes, get trucked over, or execute a lazy arm tackle again.

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